Adriana Volpe, Every Morning changes and says goodbye to Alessio Viola

Adriana Volpe

Revolution at "Every Morning": Alessio Viola and the information sector eliminated, Adriana Volpe undisputed queen

Adriana Volpe, looks and curiosities between Every Morning and Instagram

Adriana Volpe, the undisputed queen of Every Morning on TV8, remains the only hostess of the show. In fact, the program changes appearance and says goodbye to Alessio Viola after the Christmas break.

Revolution in sight for Every Morning which, six months after its debut, strengthens its vocation for entertainment, bringing the morning show back to a lighter language and consistent with the channel's editorial line. TV8, in fact, has a very recognizable identity, based precisely on entertainment, which the public has always shown to prefer over information proposals.

Therefore, Every Morning renounces the information sector and with it Alessio Viola who has guided it so far in an excellent way. The change is expected after the Christmas holidays. However, the conductor will remain in the TV8 family. In fact, there are new projects for him. After the success of Venti20, on December 23, it will host a special prime-time episode entitled Venti 20..Quasi21, and a new infotainment program is in the works for next spring.

TV8, on the other hand, thanks Alessandro Banfi for the great professionalism and excellent organization of the information part, and who, as project leader, of the information part of Every Morning, has packaged a high quality product.

So, from 11 January, therefore, Every Morning marries the entertainment line, with the very confirmed Adriana Volpe (read our interview), queen of that segment. A golden moment for the presenter who was able to win the morning band, after breaking through the spectators with Big Brother Vip.

La Volpe has been able to overcome the controversy over share issues, also fueled by a series of jabs with Giancarlo Magalli with whom the tensions have never subsided, and also the difficulties of running from home, after Giovanni Ciacci, who has a regular column in Every Morning, was positive.

Adriana is very popular with viewers, even when she falls victim to a joke of the Hyenas, and to reiterate this there are the comments they write on her Instagram profile. Only compliments for her like these: "You are wonderful, we cannot not write it to you". And again: “What a beautiful !!!! You make every day magical! ". "You are beautiful and very good congratulations for the program on tv8, treat me to important news with important guests"

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