Adua Del Vesco: “Gabriel and I pretended. Now he is finally free "


Adua Del Vesco comments on the coming out of ex-boyfriend Gabriel Garko: "We pretended 24 hours a day for some time. Now he is finally free ”. But not everyone is convinced

After the much commented, examined, evaluated, praised but also criticized coming out of Gabriel Garko ("The secret of Pulcinella") to GF Vip, among the various reflections of the following day there is also that of Adua Del Vesco, his alleged girlfriend . In reality, as it turned out by those directly involved, only for fiction and script.

A painful coming out, even touching, but which for many has left a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. Because done for a large fee, first and foremost, and in a context, TV, and above all a certain type of TV, which was the same one that, according to the actor, had kept him prisoner and harnessed for a long time.

Adua, sincerely moved, closed in the confessional the day after her meeting with Gabriel and commented on Garko's confession.

Pretending 24 hours a day is hard, we have it for a while, it wasn't easy. Now I wish him much serenity, to live his life, he deserves it, I am very happy for him. Doing what he did here with me fills my heart, because it means that he trusts me and that I am an important person to him. He did not see me serene and perhaps he felt the need to free me. A burden that I have perhaps carried for too long and that he too has carried for a long time. It was a great life lesson, I will always be grateful to him. I am happy that he is finally free.

But if for Adua, and for many viewers, Garko's was a lesson in courage and truth, for others it was not at all. And the coming out on something now known to all served rather to divert the attention that was mounting on other aspects of the story.

What is certain is that Gabriel's tears and emotion seemed sincere and authentic. Of the two, either Garko was as honest as he promised or he offered the audience the best interpretation of his life. In the face of those who claim he is not a good actor.

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