Al Bano and the new investigations on Ylenia: "Stop speculating for money"

Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso, Romina Power furious after Sunday In: the indiscretion

New Spanish investigations into Ylenia's disappearance infuriated Al Bano who is ready to fight for his family

Al Bano Carrisi is not there and after the new investigations on the disappearance of his daughter Ylenia invokes the right to be forgotten. A few weeks ago a Spanish service had appeared on Spanish TV dedicated to the eldest daughter of Al Bano and Romina, who disappeared into thin air in 1994. A great sorrow for the American singer and actress that both have never passed and that is renewed every time someone speculates on the story of Ylenia.

On TeleCinco, during the Salvame program, the journalist Lydia Lozano had revealed that she had discovered from some sources that Ylenia Carrisi is still alive and is located in Santo Domingo. The investigation, without foundation and evidence, infuriated Al Bano who, once again, had to face the great pain of the disappearance of his daughter. At Adnkronos the singer said that this time he will not stop and, thanks to a lawyer, he plans to defend his family.

"Enough of these squalid speculations about my daughter Ylenia, they have to stop it – said the Apulian artist -. They only march there to make cursed money. " Al Bano, today linked to Loredana Lecciso, invoked the "right to be forgotten, a law that is operative throughout Europe and in a large part of the world", announcing that he had conferred "the assignment on the lawyer Giorgio Assumma to take action in Italy and abroad the competent local judiciary, to obtain the protection of my right to be forgotten and to family tranquility, towards anyone who returns to insinuate false truths about the sad story that struck me ".

Al Bano then explained that "in Spain they made a seedy speculation by returning to the topic and talking about details that I know well. And they give string to this mob. All because they are chasing the audience, in the name of which people are killed. They make money, they make people suffer, but they make fun of many people who are still waiting for hopes that unfortunately are not there ".

The singer is therefore ready to "give violent and relentless battle: these squalid must stop. There is no other choice. " Years have passed since Ylenia's tragic disappearance, but people continue to talk about her “in Spain, Italy and Germany. The other day someone saw my daughter in Venice. I know the story, there is the end word from that damned January 5, 1994. Enough, everyone has his own story that must be respected for what it is. It is not tolerable that this martyrdom still continues to be perpetrated freely, also causing misunderstandings and misunderstandings ”.

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