Al Bano dreams of the Sanremo Festival. But he cheats on Romina for Mina

Al Bano and Romina: age, children, grandchildren, divorce

Al Bano is running to lead Sanremo but does not want Romina at his side. With Power it could not work

Al Bano, Romina Power and Loredana Lecciso today

Al Bano confesses his desire to lead Sanremo, but without Romina Power.

In an interview with the magazine Oggi, he tells how he would make his dream come true. The singer of Cellino San Marco has clear ideas on what his Festival would be like:

Yes, I would like to lead Sanremo. I can do it alone. But if I close my eyes I see a woman by my side … Al Bano and Mina. I'm sure. We would make a crazy bang.

A truly striking revelation: Al Bano cheats on Romina for Mina, a professional betrayal of course. The singer explains why he would not want his ex-wife with whom he walked the Ariston stage several times and with great success. The couple Al Bano and Romina would be too obvious:

With our songs, which have come all over the world since the Festival, Romina and I have made the history of Sanremo and the Italian song… It would be nice but it cannot work.

But there is another reason that holds the teacher back on Romina's choice:

Romina has never loved the Festival. She is and remains American, Sanremo is one hundred percent Italian, not her kind.

Power did not comment on the ex husband's statements that he was paparazzi on the boat with his daughter Cristel pregnant for the second time. On her Instagram profile, Romina focuses rather on her little dog and on her daughter Romina Jr who recently returned to live in Italy.

The conduct of the Festival by Al Bano does not seem close. But even if his dream comes true, it is out of the question that Mina will return to television after decades of isolation. The singer of Cellino San Marco however has another important project for his hands, as he himself reveals:

In July I should start a film, an Italian-Turkish production, where I play a mobster who at the end of the film redeems himself, becomes a holy man and saves two lovers from safe death.

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