Al Bano finds his daughter Romina Jr thanks to Ballando: “We are clarified”

Al Bano finds his daughter Romina Jr thanks to Ballando: "We are clarified"

Romina Carrisi is one of the stable affections of Today is another day, where she revealed that she had rediscovered the relationship with her father Al Bano thanks to Dancing with the stars

Each family is made up of joys, sorrows and some secrets that remain hidden, at least until one of their members decides to let them emerge. This is the case of Romina Carrisi, daughter of Al Bano, who revealed that she remained in a quarrel with her father for at least three months. As has happened in many cases (and in particular if we are talking about famous people), TV proves to be the right way to find peace with those we love and to iron out the differences that often keep us away.

Al Bano, the revelation of Romina

Guest at Today is another day, of which she is also “stable affection”, Romina Carrisi explained that she was away from her father for at least 3 months and remained without hearing him. To separate them, there would have been a series of misunderstandings that they managed to clarify thanks to the recent participation of Al Bano in Dancing with the stars, of which he competes with the teacher Oxana Lebedew.

“I just told him go and have fun. At 78 he has energy to spare. After a period of three months that we did not hear from each other, we started feeling again thanks to Dancing with the stars ”, revealed Romina, who thus revealed an unedited episode of her relationship with Al Bano that had remained hidden. The details have not been revealed and, on this, Carrisi has also joked by postponing the details to another episode.

Despite the important surname she bears, Romina’s dream has always remained that of leading a normal life and away – as much as possible – from the spotlight. He has often spoken of the desire to change his life in Los Angeles, although for now it remains a goal to be achieved in the future.

Al Bano’s family between Romina Power and Loredana Lecciso

Al Bano’s is a large extended family where, as in all, there is no lack of misunderstandings. From Romina Power he had 4 children: Ylenia, Yari, Cristel and Romina Jr. The eldest of her daughters tragically disappeared in the United States, while the others keep together the family unit that crumbled just after the misfortune that involved Ylenia.

With Loredana Lecciso he had Jasmine and Al Bano Junior, who today have an excellent relationship with their older brothers. The intention of the Cellino San Marco artist has always been to keep the family together, even if it was sometimes difficult to maintain harmony. Al Bano Carrisi is also one of the contestants of the 2021 edition of Dancing with the stars, where she dances with Oxana Lebedew despite injuring her foot.

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