Al Bano positive at Covid, skip the New Year’s Eve with Panicucci

Al Bano

No New Year’s Eve on Canale 5, for Al Bano Carrisi: the singer tested positive at Covid: this is how he is

Al Bano turns his birthday and Romina challenges Loredana (who responds in kind)

Al Bano turns his birthday and Romina challenges Loredana (who responds in kind)

Long awaited by fans for the night of December 31, Al Bano will not be in Bari for the usual New Year’s Eve of Canale 5: the singer has in fact discovered that he is positive at Covid, which is why he will not be able to go on stage to celebrate in great company. Fortunately, his health is excellent. As he himself revealed, he is asymptomatic and only realized by pure chance that he was infected.

Al Bano positive: how are you?

At the expense of that farewell that he had announced a few years ago, Al Bano continues to be very busy. Between concerts, television appearances and various participations, his agenda is always full of events that fans follow closely. However, now a stop is required for him: the Cellino San Marco artist tested positive for the swab, thus discovering that he had contracted Covid. In a telephone interview with Corriere del Mezzogiorno, he admitted that he was really surprised.

“I have no symptoms, I’m fine, when I found out it didn’t seem real to me” – said Al Bano, thus letting everyone know that he has no health problems. It is just one of the many positive asymptomatic people who, in recent months, have been infected – often even without ever knowing it. Which, perhaps, could also have happened to the singer: he discovered it because he had to undergo the swab required by the production of Canale 5’s New Year, in which he would have participated as a special guest.

“Unfortunately it won’t be there, I’m very sorry” – explained the artist, who will now have to remain in isolation until he has a negative pad again. The great event on December 31st, which this year will be hosted by Federica Panicucci, will therefore not see him as a protagonist. On the way in which the contagion would have occurred, Al Bano himself does not have clear ideas: “I do not know how I could have taken it” – he admitted, speaking of his latest commitments. Including Christmas spent in Zagreb, where he was reunited with his daughter Cristel and the grandchildren he hadn’t seen for some time.

Al Bano, the vent on Instagram

After taking some time to digest the situation, Al Bano indulged in a brief rant on Instagram. To update his fans, worried about his health conditions, he published a video in which he shows all his determination: “Yes, the damn virus has hit me. He did it to the point that I can’t do what was planned to do: the last night of the year from Bari, with Panicucci and many of my friends ”. Far from giving up in the face of this unexpected positivity, he sent a beautiful message to his followers.

“I’m here and I have to fight, this tug-of-war against this cursed one who is invisible but strikes. It represents a bit of the enemy of the third world war, because this is what it is “- admitted the singer -” Now let’s put a little irony, a little strength, let’s not cry. In the meantime, happy new year to everyone, and in the end we will certainly win “. Thanks to the three doses of vaccine he has already done, Al Bano contracted the virus asymptomatically. He will still have to remain in quarantine in his home in Cellino San Marco, but he is hopeful that soon he will be able to return to doing the thing that thrills him even more: singing on stage.

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