Alba Parietti defends Morgan after the dispute with D’Urso: "Forgive me because I want to be forgiven"

Alba Parietti defends Morgan after the dispute with D’Urso: "Forgive me because I want to be forgiven"

After the dispute with D'Urso and the controversy, Alba Parietti defends Morgan with a long post on Instagram

Alba Parietti defends Morgan after the controversy of the past few days due to her failure to host Live – It is not the D’Urso. As is well known, the singer had agreed to participate in the broadcast, only to withdraw at the last minute, accusing the host in a long post on Facebook.

An attitude that had been harshly criticized by Barbara D’Urso herself during the broadcast. Now, after about a week from those facts, Parietti has decided to publish a post on Instagram in which she defends her friend. "My friends are so different from each other and so different from me – he wrote by posting a photo in which he smiles with Morgan -. The important thing is not to want to change the nature of people and learn to love the beautiful knowing the ugly. I always lose friends I love, I take what they give me and often that little is a lot, because that's exactly what I need ".

"I don't frequent people the same as me, I would be bored to death – it still reads in the Parietti post -. I forgive because I want to be forgiven and I love because I want to be loved. I criticize with affection because I want to be criticized by them, I don't try to change them but to understand them. And I try to do it with humanity in general. The trivial criticisms, the prejudices know of stupidity and the moral is often inability to see beyond. Above all, people want me to feel at home because I understand them, I read their dark sides and luckily they have them. Perfection scares me and I know of pathology. Madness is a great value, it reassures me and I immediately feel at ease with those who make mistakes ”.

In recent weeks Parietti had been a guest of Live – It is not the D'Urso for a One against all together with Asia Argento. Alba had clashed with Francesca De André, furious with her for supporting her father Cristiano, while the director had had a heated argument with Karina Cascella who had mentioned her brief love story with Fabrizio Corona.

Alba Parietti's post – Source: Instagram

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