Alba Parietti, the touching message on Instagram for the missing mother

Alba Parietti, the touching message on Instagram for the missing mother

The showgirl's mother passed away ten years ago, the sweet memory of Alba Parietti on Instagram

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A mother remains in her heart forever and Alba Parietti tells a lot about her, who passed away ten years ago. He did this in an open heart post on Instagram describing their relationship, but also how he is still with her at all times.

“My wonderful mother, beautiful butterfly full of poetry – writes Parietti -. I loved you desperately when I didn't understand you, immensely when I was finally able to reach you and you got caught. You have been with me forever since you left that cold morning giving others the chance to live again thanks to your generosity ”.

Grazia Dipietromaria was a writer and the showgirl talked about their bond in her autobiography. Nobody leaves here. A book that reveals a lot of her past including the schizophrenia that mother Grazia suffered, which then passed away following a stroke ten years ago.

“Ten years have passed today since that day, but you have been with me in every step, in every look, in every beauty, in every breath and you will be as long as I have life. And there will be no beautiful moment that I will not dedicate to your memory and that of dad. Your energy, your wonderful ability to make everything light, your cheerful, sweet voice resounds to me like a melody, your hand caresses and comforts me. Today as when I was a child and I was so afraid. I love you mom. You are always, always, always with me ”, added Parietti in the long post on Instagram.

For the showgirl this is not an easy period, just a few days ago she had to say goodbye to Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea, her former partner with whom she lived a beautiful love story in the early 2000s and still an important person in her life.

And in fact the showgirl in the post on Instagram adds: "I know that you and dad are with Giuseppe, you are the people who most loved me and this makes me feel protected even if I miss you more than the sun, because you were my life and the people who best understood and loved me with a pure love that binds souls to infinity ”.

Words of deep affection that Alba Parietti wanted to dedicate to her mother, but without forgetting the memory of her father Francesco and the great bond that united her with Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea.

Alba Parietti

Alba Parietti's post. Source: Instagram

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