Alessandra Mastronardi on the set of L’Allieva 3: first photos on Instagram and previews

Alessandra Mastronardi on the set of L’Allieva 3: first photos on Instagram and previews

After relaxing in the countryside with Emma Marrone, Alessandra Mastronardi resumes filming L'Allieva 3: first photos with the mask

Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale in L’Allieva 3

Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale are ready to shoot L’Allieva 3 and the first photos of the set have appeared on Instagram. Therefore, fans of the fiction inspired by the texts of Alessia Gazzola can rest assured.

Filming had already started last November, but then was interrupted due to the health emergency. Now finally we are back to shooting and to announce it with enthusiasm on Instagram was Mastronardi who in the fiction plays the protagonist, Alice Allevi. At his side there is always Lino Guanciale, aka Claudio Conforti.

Fabrizio Coniglio and Stefano Mancone have published other shots from Instagram on the set where all the actors wear the mask, but they are really radiant to have started filming L 'Allieva 3 again, despite having to respect all the anti-contagion rules. Among other things, all the actors had to submit to the swab as revealed by Valentina Chico, who makes her entry into the third series.

If all goes as planned, the fiction will air on Rai Uno next autumn, otherwise it could be postponed in the spring of 2021.

As Martina Stella revealed to us in our interview, her character, Amber, will not be in the new season. But fiction is also enriched with new entries: Sergio Assisi and Antonia Liskova.

Waiting to see her on the small screen, Alessandra Mastronardi took a relaxing weekend in the countryside with her boyfriend Ross McCall, guests of the director Stefan Schwartz, taking the opportunity to take a ride on the tractor with Emma Marrone. The two are very close friends but since Alessandra moved to London, it is more difficult for them to find each other. A trip out of town before diving into work, Emma as judge of X Factor and Mastronardi in the shooting of Student 3, is ideal for recharging.

Meanwhile, fans are excited to see the actress so serene and write on her Instagram profile: "Happiness in a photo, Ale you are special". And again: "I hope this day has brought you so much happiness after unpleasant months … you shine a lot".

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