Alessandro Borghese has Covid: "I have broken bones and my head is spinning"

Alessandro Borghese ha il Covid: “Ho le ossa rotte e la testa mi gira”

Chef Alessandro Borghese is also facing the battle against Covid: his words on Instagram

The famous chef and TV personality Alessandro Borghese revealed that he had contracted Covid and, in a video posted on Instagram, he told fans about his health conditions. Luckily, apparently, hers would be a rather light shape.

"Hello everyone, it is the fifth day that I am locked in my bunker after taking Covid" – explained Borghese among his Instagram stories, sharing his experience with a touch of irony – "What can I say? No fever for the moment, so everything is fine. I'm all bruised, my bones are broken and my head is spinning. But nature has no more secrets for me, I have learned something good ". Apparently, in fact, in these days of isolation the chef would have taken advantage of his free time to follow some interesting documentaries, something that probably the frenetic pace of his daily life would not allow him under normal conditions.

Alessandro Borghese cannot help but joke even at this moment, aware that he has been lucky because his health conditions are quite good. “I hope to get rid of it immediately” – he added – “because I will have to replace my kidneys, I don't know how to rest on the bed anymore, I turn and turn around. Aside from that, I'm also pretty lucky so that's okay. A big kiss". For him there are still whole days to spend in quarantine, at least until he has a negative swab as evidence of his recovery.

It is certainly not easy to stay indoors, especially for those who – like Borghese – have always been used to being constantly on the move. However, it is a necessary effort to preserve one's health and that of loved ones, avoiding putting others at risk of becoming infected with Covid. The chef, on the other hand, is certainly not the only one who has to fight this battle: over the months, many celebrities have faced the virus, some asymptomatically and others with rather serious health consequences.

Still engaged in the fight against Covid are Simona Ventura and her partner Giovanni Terzi, who contracted the virus several days ago. The presenter, who has always been asymptomatic, discovered the infection a few hours before going on the stage of the Ariston, where she was expected for the final evening in Sanremo. Elettra Lamborghini is also in isolation for the Coronavirus, and has had to renounce – at least for the moment – his role as a columnist in the studio on the Island of the Famous 2021.

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