Alessia Marcuzzi breaks the silence on Instagram after her absence at Le Iene

Alessia Marcuzzi rompe il silenzio su Instagram dopo l’assenza a Le Iene

After the absence from "Le Iene" and Nicola Savino's message, Alessia Marcuzzi breaks the silence on Instagram

Alessia Marcuzzi breaks the silence on Instagram after her absence at Le Iene. The presenter did not participate in the Italia Uno show she leads with Nicola Savino after being "slightly positive in the rapid test" for Coronavirus. To announce it, shortly before the live broadcast, was the drafting of the broadcast with a press release. Shortly thereafter, Alessia also commented on the incident in connection with the program.

"This morning I learned that a friend of my daughter Mia was positive for Covid – she explained -, so as a precaution and for the safety of my family and all the people who are with us, having to take a train, I said: I do the quick test […] We are always checked, but this morning I said: I do one more because I want to be safe, I have to take the train and I get in touch with a lot of people. The whole family tested negative, I tested slightly positive ".

Alessia then claimed to be in isolation: "Now I will have to do all the investigations: when I have news I will let you know everything!". At the beginning of the episode of the Hyenas, Nicola Savino greeted his friend and colleague: "Like every week, before entering Mediaset we check each other, and this morning Alessia tested positive at Covid and we greet her from here, with a big applause . Let's say that right now he has no symptoms. Before knowing the result of the swab, he was about to jump on a train from Rome to Milan, so the Trenitalia 3 Economy carriage is safe! ".

The video of Nicola Savino's greeting was shared by Alessia Marcuzzi on Instagram. "I miss you", wrote the presenter, greeting the whole working group. The protagonist of the new television season, the presenter is at the helm not only of the Hyenas, where she landed after Ilary Blasi's farewell, but also of Temptation Island. Marcuzzi was chosen for the second consecutive year by Maria De Filippi to accompany the couples of the show on their journey through feelings. In the broadcast, Alessia proved to live up to expectations, showing great empathy and sensitivity.

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