Alessia Marcuzzi to Verissimo, between family memories and Christmas away from Mia

Alessia Marcuzzi a Verissimo, tra ricordi di famiglia e il Natale lontano da Mia

Guest at "Verissimo", Alessia Marcuzzi remembers her childhood and tells her Christmas without Mia

Alessia Marcuzzi is also a guest at Verissimo, along with many other names in the show: Silvia Toffanin has in fact decided to give the public great emotions with a special episode, broadcast on Saturday 26 December. Naturally, there was talk of Christmas, which for Marcuzzi this year was very different from usual.

The beloved presenter, in video link with Verissimo's sitting room, has in fact revealed that she is far from her daughter Mia, who is spending these holidays with her father Francesco Facchinetti. “We are used to always having Christmas all together. You know I have this extended family and we all get along very well. This year we can't, and it's a bit strange "- explained Alessia Marcuzzi. And again: "Not being able to hug people and not being able to be together with loved ones at Christmas is even sadder".

However, he can count on the presence of his eldest son Tommaso, born of his relationship with Simone Inzaghi: "Tommy has already been back from London for a while. I hadn't seen him since 12 September, so it was very exciting to meet again "- confessed Marcuzzi -" We miss Mia, but at least there is him ". The boy, who will turn 20 in a few months, has recently moved to England to study, but has managed to return home to celebrate Christmas with his family.

This is therefore a magical time for Alessia, who has recently celebrated an important anniversary: ​​her mother turned 70 at the beginning of December, and she is still a really smart woman. "She is a kid, as they say in Rome" – revealed the presenter. “She and Dad are very young in spirit. And then I also have a 96 year old grandmother who is a force of nature. He lives nearby and yet we can't see each other often, and I'm sorry about that ”.

Finally, a thought flies to the best moments of her childhood, to the many parties she happily spent with her family, when she was still a little girl. A real dive into the past, among the memories of the musicals and the hilarious performances that she and her cousin interpreted on Christmas day, to amuse their loved ones: Alessia Marcuzzi is overwhelming in telling so many anecdotes of her youth. And it brought a touch of joy to our homes too.

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