Alessia Ventura has put the right gear also with style. Let’s copy it!

She is back on Italia 1 with Drive Up with DJ Ringo and Vicky Piria and is full of energy. Alessia Ventura chooses a slightly ethnic outerwear and combines it with basic white trousers while creating a match with beige boots. Here’s how to get inspired by her outfit.

Searching the web there are many homonymous notes and we are not only talking about Marcuzzi but also about very young tiktokers and national influencers. Alessia Ventura, however, remains reserved regarding her private life and determined in her work. Also for this reason – despite the break from the small screen – she is always loved by the public and very ready for this new Mediaset adventure.

Alessia Ventura at Drive Up in beige

Source: Canva.

With her simplicity, the usual make-up and the very smooth and tidy hair, she shows off a soft beige suede jacket skilfully combining it with the low boot that has a contrasting heel. Here’s how to copy it in just a few steps.

Let’s go into the fifth with Alessia Ventura’s beige look

Own Zara has created very light beige boots (129 euros) wide on the leg, rigid, with medium heel and rounded toe. Better to have tapered legs because the focus will be on these mercilessly.

Long beige coat and boots match 8-11-22

Source: Pinterest.

With this shade the leg is not exalted much so the idea of ​​wearing them without socks to be more sensual is to be discarded.

We are on the coat genre, given that the cold has now arrived, with the intense beige single-breasted proposal (with two black buttons and side welt pockets) by Hugo Boss. It is almost useless to underline that it can be worn with everything and that it is definitely worth the investment. It costs 499 euros.

Discounted from 280 to 224 euros, the coat tied at the waist of Guess it is in a wool blend with classic lapels and a wrap front. Excellent especially for the day for a casual and non-binding style, a pair of jeans and a white shirt are ideal.

For those who love models above the knee, but are temporarily “on the bill” for obvious reasons, there are the boots of Anna Field with rubber heel and treaded sole for only 49.99 euros on Zalando. They close with a practical zipper and have a structure that allows them to be used even on light rain days. In this case yes to the combination with a black jacket or a nylon down jacket.

Beige suede boots 8-11-22

Source: Pinterest.

This genre conveys elegance and youth so it should be considered and tried after the dreaded thirty. The bag better be of another color but nothing that glitters or distracts attention from the rest.

Silvia Zanchi