Alfonso Signorini prepares for GF Vip and jokes on Instagram with Pupo and Antonella Elia

Alfonso Signorini prepares for GF Vip and jokes on Instagram with Pupo and Antonella Elia

The director of Chi is very ready to return to the guide of the reality Mediaset

Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro: their summer of love

Alfonso Signorini is warming up his engines in view of the start of the fifth edition of Big Brother Vip. After his first experience as a host of the reality show – an edition that will remain in history for the duration and for having conquered the public with the birth of love between Paolo Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia – the journalist director of Chi is ready to return to Mediaset's studios.

After several rumors relating to the cast – with the recent denial of Gabriel Garko – the formalization of the presence of Antonella Elia has arrived, who will cover the role of columnist alongside Pupo. Fresh from Temptation Island, the sparkling showgirl is super charged and, as you can see from the latest posts published by Signorini, she lends herself to joking with her next traveling companions.

Alfonso Signorini, who promised viewers an even more famous cast than that of the fourth edition, entertained his Instagram followers with three very nice videos of which he stars together with Pupo and Elia.

In the first, the journalist and the singer are seen relaxing on a meadow in the mountains. Suddenly, Antonella Elia arrives to interrupt their peace and invite them to run in the meadows with her.

In the following videos, the trio continues to joke, staging funny skirmishes (always in the wonderful mountain scenery in summer). The contents published by Alfonso Signorini were welcomed by numerous likes and comments. Among the latter, several well-known faces of the show stand out.

Serena Enardu, present in the house during the fourth edition together with the now ex Pago, congratulated Signorini with a "I love them". Manila Nazzaro too, together with Elia in the village of girlfriends of the latest edition of Temptation Island, had her say on the matter.

"I'm happy for her. Antonella deserves it so much ”: these are the words that Miss Italia 1999, who came out of the docu-reality in love with her boyfriend Lorenzo Amoruso, dedicated to her travel companion.

Very little is missing from the new opening of the red door. Although very little is known about the cast, the formalization of Antonella Elia's name as a columnist alongside Pupo – joined last year by Wanda Nara – is undoubtedly a gem for fans of reality TV, who can't wait to see the showgirl engaged in commenting on the events of the competitors who will enter the Cinecittà loft.

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