All the secrets to using the eye pencil after 40 for top results!

matita occhi 40 anni

All the secrets to making a perfect eye make-up with a pencil at the age of 40: the “do’s” and “don’t’s” of make-up artists are based on the choice of color and texture.

After the age of 40, the pencil can be a secret weapon for creating a simple but magnetic and fascinating eye make-up.

eye pencil 40 years


The reason is that the pencil is perfect for outlining the look, exactly like an eyeliner, but it can be almost like an eyeshadow.

This dual feature makes it absolutely perfect to use on one mobile eyelid that begins to present wrinkles and wrinkles, as happens after the age of 40.

However, there are some precautions that must absolutely be taken when choosing which eye pencil to use to make your own make-up.

Choosing the wrong color or applying it with a technique unsuitable for the shape of our eyes can ruin the makeup but, above all, it can make our tired look more tired and “older”.

The secrets for a perfect eye makeup with a pencil (very precious after 40 years)

Generally the eye pencil must be used to make the eyes more intense and the whites of the eye brighter. This single trick will allow us to obtain a more youthful face and a more lively expression at any age.

eye makeup pencil 40 years

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Here are what the colors to use and those not to use.


  • Black

Black is a real passepartout. It makes the gaze of all women more intense and mysterious, adapting to eyes of all colors.

  • Cold or warm brown depending on the complexion

With the Brown in practice you get the same results that you can get with black but the final effect will be more natural and softer. These colors are perfect for daytime eye makeup or evening eye makeup that doesn’t want to be too aggressive.

  • Pop colors

The pop colors, that is very striking and intense colors, they are perfect to use if you want to create a graphic make-up, original and eye-catching. In this case the advice is to match the color of the pencil to the color of the eyes, always preferring a complementary color rather than a similar one.


  • Grey

Gray does not offer enough contrast to the white part of the eye. The end result will be very disappointing: the look will appear dull and tired, the exact opposite of what we wanted to achieve. The only concession is for the very dark gray, but at that point it is always better to use small amounts of black to blend well with an angled brush.

  • Pearly or iridescent colors

This color type corresponds to shimmer eyeshadows. The pearly colors have a slightly shiny or metallic finish and in general they are very light colors. Again, this implies that the white of the eye will appear very dull and less alive.

  • Colors similar to eye color (only for light eyes)

Many women are convinced that using an eye pencil of a color very similar to that of the iris will bring out a particular eye color, such as light blue, blue or deep green. Unfortunately, this is an urban legend. The best way to make light-colored eyes stand out is to use brown, black or at most dark gray pencils.


Blend the pencil using a small brush with angled bristles it’s always a good idea after age 40.

This way indeed the look will appear less hard and especially the small wrinkles of the eyelid will be less noticeable.

This advice must be followed with great attention especially if you choose to apply the pencil under the eye.

Having applied it is essential blend and fix the color using an eyeshadow of the same shade. In this way the make-up will last much longer and you will avoid turning an elegant make-up into a more marked eye!

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