All Together Now, all crazy for Eki: Michelle Hunziker and Anna Tatangelo get excited

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Michelle Hunziker and the judges are moved by Eki's talent, in the new episode of "All Together Now"

The challenge is becoming more and more exciting, at All Together Now: we have reached the fourth episode and the competitors feel the tension grow, in view of the approaching final. Michelle Hunziker, the splendid hostess, conquers the audience once again and the judges bring in that pinch of severity that still seemed to be missing.

The appointment on Wednesday 25 November opened in a sensational way, with the entry on the scene of the real protagonists of this edition of All Together Now: we are naturally talking about the jury, made up of Francesco Renga, Anna Tatangelo, Rita Pavone and J- Ax. With them, the beautiful Michelle Hunziker, once again at the helm of the show. The presenter showed off an enchanting wine-colored evening dress taken up on the side, combined with a pair of sandals with a vertiginous heel and a classy hairstyle, with her hair gathered in a low ponytail.

Michelle's look, romantic and very elegant, is the perfect juxtaposition of those brought on stage by Tatangelo and Pavone. Both made a much more rock choice: Anna wore a maxi sweater and knee-length leopard-print boots, while Rita preferred a patterned suit in shades of beige and brown. But their affinities seem to end precisely in terms of clothing, because once again they had rather conflicting opinions during the episode.

The one who put everyone in agreement – jury and Muro – was Eki: a street artist of Indonesian origins who moved to Italy for years, he decided to participate in All Together Now with the intention of winning the prize money and using it to pay the education costs of her granddaughters, still in Jakarta. Her incredible voice, her presence on stage and a genuineness that shines through her every word have conquered the audience, but also Michelle and Anna, who have not been able to hide their emotion.

Eki came to the studio singing Tappeto di Fragole, a piece by Modà, thus challenging J-Ax who had asked him to sing in Italian the previous time. Difficult test for him, but definitely passed: for the first time in this edition, the Wall did not hesitate to give a beautiful 100 to the competitor, a vote confirmed by the jurors. And the compliments were not long in coming, together with the emotion of all present. Many gave in to tears, and even Michelle was overwhelmed by emotion.

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