Aloe vera: the ally of summer for face, body and hair that is a real cure!

Aloe vera: the ally of summer for face, body and hair that is a real cure!

What is aloe vera gel used for? And why is it a cure-all in the summer? It is fresh, multi-functional and suitable for many uses, all to be discovered!

Aloe vera gel is a fundamental ingredient for cosmetic use, with incredible properties. It is extracted from aloe vera plants (mainly aloe barbadensis) and used pure or mixed with other ingredients, both for DIY recipes and in products formulated in the laboratory.

It is moisturizing, emollient, has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, is soothing and refreshing: in short, it is a wild product to keep in your beauty, especially during the summer, always very critical for our skin!

The simplest and most practical ally against sunburn

Being a cool gel, it is ideal in case of sunburn: if you have forgotten to reapply sunscreen or you have been exposed too long, to soothe the skin and irritation it will be enough to sprinkle some aloe gel on the affected part . In addition to an instant relief given by its freshness it has calming, anti-inflammatory, soothing properties and stimulates skin regeneration accelerating healing. Try to keep it in the fridge, for an even more enhanced beneficial effect!

You can also use it in case of burns or abrasions of other nature (but better to avoid too deep wounds) and other bruises: it is in fact effective even in these cases in speeding up the healing, in addition to bringing immediate relief. It is useful to reduce redness and helps in the formation of tissue in case of wounds, thanks to its antibacterial properties.

A refreshing and moisturizing face mask, also excellent for combination and oily skin

Aloe is also a super-hydrating face mask. Its gel texture, in fact, can serve as a base ingredient and be mixed with other active ingredients depending on your skin type. For example, for very dry skin you can add a few drops of argan oil or damask rose and some honey, for an anti-aging treatment against dehydration, while for sensitive skin it is better to mix the gel with little clay white, chamomile flowers crushed and even infused, to soothe and calm redness. But aloe is also excellent as a treatment for oily and mixed skin, even with acne: in fact, due to its antibacterial properties, it is a useful motion on this type of skin because it helps disinfect the skin, especially if it has pimples and outbursts.

Being a moisturizing but not greasy gel, it is perfect for skins that tend to shine or produce a lot of sebum, because it has a rebalancing action. Adding for example some lemon juice, disinfectant and illuminating and a few drops of essential oil of tea tree or rosemary, you can create in a few minutes a mask that gives relief and at the same time rebalances the production of sebum.

Aloe vera as a substitute for hair gel and to combat scalp irritations

When we say that aloe vera is a panacea it is because in addition to being used on the face and body, it is also useful on hair. Its soothing properties, in fact, can also be exploited to relieve irritated scalp, for example from aggressive chemical treatments, dandruff and too intense sun exposure. It is massaged in small quantities and left in place as if it were a compress, then proceeded to normal cleansing.

For its emollient and moisturizing properties, it can also be used on lengths, combined with honey or an oil of your preference, better if coconut, with a natural protective factor, to create a pack to apply on all hair to sea, to protect them from the sun and at the same time make them soft and hydrated. Another use of the aloe gel on the hair, then, directly suggests its name: in fact it is an excellent substitute for hair gel, thanks to its consistency, also bringing a beneficial emollient element in addition to the styling factor to be reckoned with.

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