Alyssa Carson, who is the first very young woman to go to Mars

Alyssa Carson, chi è la prima giovanissima donna ad andare su Marte

Alyssa Carson, born in 2001, will be the first woman to go to Mars. And, despite her young age, she has always shown great determination

She is really very young, but a great undertaking is already foreseen in her future. In fact, Alyssa Carson will be the first female astronaut to go to Mars. A very important milestone that allows it to enter history by setting two records.

At just 19, Alyssa will be not only the first NASA woman to set foot on the Red Planet, but also the youngest astronaut. In 2030 he will take part in an important expedition together with five other people. But how did it manage to achieve this ambitious goal?

First of all, extreme determination. Alyssa Carson, from a very young age, knew what she wanted. Born in 2001, at the age of three she was sure she wanted to go to space. At the age of twelve, he participated in three NASA programs. Throughout his growth, thus, he made sure that he could see his dream come true, taking part in meetings and conferences, without perhaps imagining being able to reach it so soon.

A passion, his, that finds no limits and that he tried to convey as much as possible, even opening a blog to talk about physics and astronomy. Today she is an astronaut apprentice and, after finishing the Advanced PoSSUM Academy, she is ready to set sail for Mars. And, to do so, she is ready to face any difficulty: heavy training, intense studies and, probably, a very long period away from her family and her closest loved ones. In short, science is in first place for her and love, for now, will have to wait.

However, if she has concerns, Alyssa tends not to show them. Far from it, he looks at the future mission with extreme enthusiasm and every time he talks about it he does nothing but show joy and happiness. Her young age is not a problem, on the contrary, it will bring some joy aboard the spaceship, promising to also try to send a selfie from the Red Planet through Instagram if possible.

Alyssa Carson is proof that age is never a limit and, above all, that passion and determination can make any dream come true and any goal achievable, even those that seem impossible. Will he really be able to send some updates from space and tell his peers about his extraordinary adventure live?

Alyssa Carson

Alyssa Carson will be the first woman to go to Mars.

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