Alzheimer, a new possible cure with "young" blood

Alzheimer's, diagnosis with a neck scan

A team of Californian scholars is experimenting with a new therapy for Alzheimer's based on infusions of young blood in patients.

Alzheimer's, the 10 premonitory symptoms

California-based company Alkahest from San Carlos in collaboration with neurologist Sharon Sha of Stanford University, is experimenting with infusions of young blood to treat Alzheimer's.

The study was conducted on a sample of 18 Alzheimer's patients aged between 54 and 86. The patients were divided into two groups, the first was given an infusion per week for one month of plasma coming by young people aged 18-30. The second group was not treated with new blood.

Researchers monitored the effect of this treatment on patients, highlighting that there were no dramatic improvements, but no negative side effects either, and that some of them experienced a slight improvement in their ability to do certain tasks. habits such as preparing meals and shopping.

For the future, Alkahest has set itself the goal of achieving a personalized plasma mixture, intervening on the composition so that it is more effective. There is no lack of skeptics and this therapy has received harsh criticism, all that remains is to follow the evolution of the experiment and the results that will be obtained in the long term.

Taking care of this terrible disease, capable of stealing memories from the people who are suffering from it, is fundamental since the numbers are really worrying: recent studies have shown that in Italy they suffer from Alzheimer and similar diseases one million and 200 thousand people. The forms of senile dementia have been indicated by the World Health Organization as the socio-health emergency of the XXI century. In 2030 it is estimated that the sick will rise to one million and 600 thousand, to reach 2 million in 2050. In a short period of time, about 20 years, one family out of four will have an Alzheimer's patient.

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