Amici 2021, Rosa inveighs against Celentano: the scene shot by mistake

Amici 2021, Rosa inveighs against Celentano: the scene shot by mistake

In a scene taken (perhaps) by mistake, Rosa inveighs against Celentano at "Amici 2021" after her judgments

At Amici 2021, Rosa rails against Alessandra Celentano and the scene is taken by mistake by the cameras. The last episode of Maria De Filippi's show was quite eventful and marked by heated controversy due to the behavior of the dance teacher. Celentano has repeatedly reiterated that she does not consider Martina and Rosa at the height of the evening.

In particular, he harshly criticized the vote of the judges who positively judged Rosa's performance against Tommaso. "I saw a lot of hair and a lot of wind, but little dance", he ruled, adding: "He voted for the hormone." Strong words that were not well received by the public and by the other members of the cast of Amici 2021, but above all by Rosa.

In fact, the camera framed the dancer by mistake as she took off the shirt used during the performance and cursed with the microphone off, in a grip of anger. An attitude that was commented by Celentano supporters. In fact, many are convinced that, despite his harsh judgments, the teacher is not completely wrong. Also commenting on what happened was Giorgio Albanese, a former Amici dancer, who in the Instagram Stories published the video in which Rosa gets angry with Celentano. “Dance is discipline – he wrote -. For much less panic would have happened to Amici 14. How disgusting ”.

During her adventure at Amici 2021, Rosa was often criticized by Celentano, ending up at the center of heated question and answer between the teacher and Lorella Cuccarini. "I cannot allow harassment of this type, it is bullying", said the presenter, disputing some of Celentano's choices regarding Rosa's choreography, which, in her opinion, put the dancer in difficulty. Elena D'Amario also intervened in the clash, forced to leave the rehearsal room because she had criticized Celentano's attitude towards the student. "When she was no longer a teacher who admonished a pupil to teach her a dance step, she was treating her badly and I felt I had to intervene," said Elena during the Saturday episode, angering Alessandra once again.

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