Amici 2021, Stefano De Martino judge of the evening of Maria De Filippi

Amici 2021, Stefano De Martino judge of the evening of Maria De Filippi

According to the latest rumors among the judges of "Amici 2021" there will also be Stefano De Martino

Amici 2020, the contestants of the Maria De Filippi show

Stefano De Martino will also be there in the evening of Amici 2021. According to the latest rumors released by 361Magazine, the conductor would have been enlisted by Maria De Filippi to take part in the jury of the show. There are seventeen talents, including dancers and singers, who will compete to win the first prize in the talent for a total of eight episodes.

The regulation, as already happened in the past, could undergo some changes, while the cast is still being defined. Maria De Filippi would have called in addition to Stefano De Martino also her friend Sabrina Ferilli who had already been a judge during Special Friends. Currently the conductor and ex-husband of Belen Rodriguez is engaged in the conduct of Tonight everything is possible, but it should finish in time to arrive at Amici 2021.

This is a new adventure for Stefano who has shown great talent and versatility over the years. From his debut at Amici as a dancer to the very successful conduct of programs such as Made in Sud and Tonight, everything is possible: De Martino has come a long way. Recently, the presenter made his debut as an actor, starring in Che Dio Ai Us, Elena Sofia Ricci's star-studded fiction which also hosted Can Yaman.

In all these years Stefano has grown professionally, but the bond with Maria De Filippi has never broken. The two have a special relationship and Costanzo's wife has over time become a trusted advisor and friend for De Martino. A few months ago, when the former dancer was experiencing a deep crisis with Belen Rodriguez, he had chosen to confide in De Filippi.

"Stefano is a very special guy – the presenter had confessed – he has the ability to make up for the unforgivable, he did it with me too: he had had an affair with another Amici dancer, he combined them to sell [ …] With him you never know. Because Stefano makes a mess and then arrives with that face there, with that smile there, with that spoken one and you forgive him ”.

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