Amici 2021, the best and the worst of the week from 22 to 28 March

Amici 2021, the best and the worst of the week from 22 to 28 March

Amici 2021: the new challenge gloves create tensions between the opposing teams while Rosa and Tancredi win a special prize

Amici 2021, the Evening: judges, teams and guests

The boys of the Arisa-Cuccarini team decide to counterattack their opponents, spontaneously throwing gloves while the teacher Celentano is increasingly determined to prove that Lorella's dancers do not deserve to stay in school. Cuccarini implements a shrewd strategy to preserve her pupils. Meanwhile, an exceptional judge, Pippo Baudo decrees the winners of the Tim award.


  • Amici 2021, the challenge gloves of the Arisa-Cuccarini team
  • Amici 2021, the challenge gloves of the Zerbi-Celentano team
  • Friends 2021, Lorella's decisions
  • Amici 2021, the TIM award with Pippo Baudo
  • Amici 2021, the tender love story between Giulia and Sangiovanni

Amici 2021, the challenge gloves of the Arisa-Cuccarini team

After the first episode of the evening of 20 March, the boys of the Arisa-Cuccarini team, having learned that the two teachers are not expected to have any gauntlets, not even for the second episode of the evening, and are aware of being repeatedly challenges from the opposing teams, they decide to spontaneously propose some "gloves" to their rivals. Students do not think it is right to always play defense and they think it is right to implement a strategy. The production will consider the proposals and communicate them to the professors.

Ibla launches the first gauntlet against Enula: the song is Taki Taki and includes a choreography with Rosa and Martina for the Arisa-Cuccarini team and with Tommaso and Serena for the Zerbi-Celentano team. The second gauntlet sees Raffaele versus Deddy with Beyoncé's song Listen. The third proposed gauntlet compares Raffaele and Leonardo with the piece Hey Mama.

The opponents do not consider the challenges fair because they are specifically designed to put them in difficulty and enhance the qualities of the challengers. The teacher Arisa meets her students, approves their initiative and accepts the challenges proposed by Raffaele against Deddy and Leonardo while she decides to put the glove thrown by Ibla against Enula on stand-by.

Amici 2021, the challenge gloves of the Zerbi-Celentano team

Alessandra Celentano sends a message to Martina's house, in which she tells her that she will have to face Serena, in a neoclassical choreography. Although the teacher believes that the steps to be performed are quite simple, she is convinced that Martina will not be able to perform them satisfactorily.

The dance teacher throws another gauntlet that sees Rosa and Serena opposite each other, in a waltz taken from La Vedova Allegra. At the same time, Alessandra re-proposes the challenge rejected by Rosa and Cuccarini last week, making changes, replacing the classic steps with a typical can-can choreography. The two students of Cuccarini show their disappointment with Celentano's gloves, making it difficult for Serena who bursts into tears, due to the disrespectful attitude of her girls towards her. Giulia, Leonardo and Enula take Serena's defense and Rosa lashes out at them.

Prof Zerbi subjects Ibla to a challenge against Enula; with the piece Physical by Olivia Newton-John, the two singers will have to show all their sensuality and femininity, natural qualities that Rudy recognizes in his pupil.

Friends 2021, Lorella's decisions

After the gauntlet received by Prof Celentano, Martina meets her teacher, Lorella Cuccarini. The latter decides to accept the challenge and assumes the responsibility of modifying some steps of the choreography, to make the competition fairer. In addition, he allows his dancer to use Latin shoes while performing the dance. Despite this, Martina shows serious difficulties in learning the steps in the rehearsal room.

Rosa also confronts her teacher, who decides to have her perform the can can, in a simplified version, and to refuse the waltz because she believes that her pupil does not have the basis to perform it. Cuccarini, however, puts precise conditions on the accepted gauntlet and sends a message to the house: for fairness in the competition she asks for the can-can only to Rosa, and not to Serena, because the latter had already prepared the choreography the previous week.

Serena asks Maria to have the opportunity to learn the changes made to the choreography, also because, to favor Rosa, the demi-pointe shoes have been replaced with heels. The production accepts the conditions set by Lorella, allowing Serena to resume the study of choreography, only when Rosa has caught up with the number of lessons. The latter, despite Lorella's changes and concessions, finds it very difficult to prepare the can-can and in the rehearsal room has a moment of despair.

Amici 2021, the TIM award with Pippo Baudo

De Filippi communicates to the boys that they will perform for a special test, wanted by the sponsor TIM. The contest includes a final prize, one for singing and one for dance, worth five thousand euros each. The performances will be judged by an exceptional guest: Pippo Baudo. The boys, one by one, enter the studio to perform. The first competitor is Deddy with his unpublished, followed by Enula with his song Contorta and Sangiovanni with his hit Lady.

Martina dances a Latin piece and Rosa dances to the notes of Concedimi. Tommaso performs with the choreography Tango Flamenco while Leonardo chooses one of his first pieces entitled Giants. Tancredi proposes his workhorse Las Vegas and Aka7even his song I miss you. Samuele enchants with his choreography created on the soundtrack of the movie Joker and Serena throws herself into a very sensual dance. Ibla sings his piece Libertad and Raffaele his unpublished Seven Lives. Finally, Giulia performs, with a choreography that recalls her Spanish origins, and Alessandro whirls over the exciting music of Balla, a dancer.

At the end of the performances, a video message arrives in the house with the verdict that sees the winners Rosa, for the dance category and Tancredi for the singing one.

Amici 2021, the tender love story between Giulia and Sangiovanni

Giulia shows some difficulties in the rehearsal room in the execution of her new choreography; Prof Peparini intervenes and advises her not to focus on the steps but on the emotions that the music arouses in her. The song on which the choreography is based is You burst into my heart and, therefore, Veronica asks her pupil to dance, as if she were facing the boy she loves. In the choreography, the young dancer hugs the Sangiovanni jacket, so that this can help her in the interpretation.

However, Giulia can't help but focus on the technical details and let herself go, so she asks Sangiovanni for advice, who shows her all his support and decides to accompany her to the rehearsal room, to help her perform the piece, following her heart and not her head. The dancer performs in the presence of her boyfriend and manages to transfer her feeling for him into the dance. The two boys show themselves very much in love with each other and improvise a dance together.

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