Amici 2021, the best and worst of the week from 5 to 11 April

Amici 2021, the best and worst of the week from 5 to 11 April

Friends 2021: challenge gloves are raining in the house while the boys plan a strategy to decide any nominations. The competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

Amici 2021, the Evening: judges, teams and guests

Continuing with the evening, the circle tightens and the race becomes more intense and difficult: the challenge gloves proposed by the profs are increasingly decisive while the boys think about possible strategies to be implemented, should they be asked for the nominations. The atmosphere becomes more relaxed in the house, thanks to the telephone raid by Francesca Manzini who, with her imitative skills, plays hilarious jokes on the students, involving them in improbable dance and singing rehearsals.


  • Amici 2021, the reactions to the eliminations of Rosa and Tommaso
  • Friends 2021, the singing challenge gloves
  • Friends 2021, the dance challenge gloves
  • Friends 2021, the strategies of the kids
  • Friends 2021, the jokes of Francesca Manzini

Amici 2021, the reactions to the eliminations of Rosa and Tommaso

During the evening of April 3, Rosa and Tommaso were eliminated. Rosa's challenge against Deddy, her boyfriend, was very complicated because both could not hold back the excitement and regret of finding themselves against each other. Therefore, the girl's exit from the house was not easy at all; Deddy, in tears, did not want to detach himself from his beloved Rosa. Exceptionally, Maria and the production allow the dancer to return to the house to spend the last evening with the young singer, so that both have time to metabolize what happened.

Similarly, for different reasons, the elimination of Tommaso caused great despair among the boys. The dancer lost the evening match against Sangiovanni and Enula and was greeted with a standing ovation from the audience, his teammates and the three judges, Stefano De Martino, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and Stash. In particular, Martina was disturbed by the exit of her dear friend; in tears, the girl lets herself be consoled by Enula.

Friends 2021, the singing challenge gloves

Prof Arisa throws a gauntlet between Raffaele and Aka7even: the two students will have to demonstrate a great mastery of the stage, singing and dancing a choreography made by professionals, on the notes of a song by Katy Perry, Never Really Over. Aka7even shows his disappointment because he believes he is not able to perform the choreography, created ad hoc by the dance troupe; furious, he lashes out against the teacher's decision, saying that he is at Amici and not at the circus. Pettinelli telephones her student, reassuring him, pointing out that although she also does not approve of the glove proposed by her colleague, it is right to give it a try. He then urges him not to fear his opponent, Raffaele, who "is certainly not Beyoncé".

Arisa goes back to the counterattack, proposing a new gauntlet featuring Tancredi and Sangiovanni as protagonists; the two singers will confront each other on a Queen piece where they will have to show off their talent in writing, creating bars.

Even the teacher Pettinelli has a glove delivered to the opposing team that sees Raffaele and Aka7even contrasting again on an acoustic piece by Passenger. Let Her Go is a minimal song that focuses on lightness and emotion and not on the vocal virtuosity that distinguish Raffaele's performances.

The latter, targeted by all his opponents this week, also receives a message from Zerbi who puts him in a challenge against Deddy. The glove intends to highlight the writing skills on a well-known song, Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word by Elton John.

Friends 2021, the dance challenge gloves

Prof Celentano has a glove delivered to the house for Martina against Serena; surprisingly, the challenge includes a choreography in the style of the opponent, Latin, because the teacher intends to demonstrate that the dancer does not even excel in her specialty.

Lorella Cuccarini immediately goes on the attack, relaunching with a challenge between Serena and Martina, supported respectively by Enula and Raffaele; the glove includes a rumba choreography, accompanied by singing on the notes of Versace On the Floor by Bruno Mars. The dancer Serena feels penalized in having to prepare two challenges in a style that is not hers and is afraid of making a bad impression.

Friends 2021, the strategies of the kids

In view of the fourth episode of the evening, broadcast on 10 April, the students hypothesize the nominations they will make if they win one of the heats. The boys of the Arisa-Cuccarini team hypothesize three names, implementing a strategy that excludes the strongest such as Sangiovanni and compares competitors who can play the game to the end: the first three hypothetical names are Deddy, Enula, Serena. In case there were two nominations: Deddy and Enula for the Zerbi-Celentano team, Aka7even and Samuele for the Pettinelli-Peparini team. If the name to be made were only one (for each opposing team): Deddy and Aka7even.

Similarly, the Zerbi-Celentano team thinks about its own strategy, deciding three possible nominees: Tancredi, Martina and Alessandro. If the names to be given were two: Raffaele and Martina, Samuele and Aka7even. In the case of only one nomination: Raffaele, Aka7even.

The boys of the Pettinelli-Peparini team decide to exclude the strongest from the probable nominations, for meritocracy: the first three names are Martina, Tancredi and Raffaele. If there were two nominations: Deddy and Serena, on the one hand, and Martina and Tancredi, on the other. In the event of a nomination for each team: Martina and Serena.

Friends 2021, the jokes of Francesca Manzini

Francesca Manzini, imitator and comedian, presenter of the 2019 edition of Amici Celebrities, bursts into the house with her voice to play funny jokes on the boys. The first "victims" are Tancredi and Deddy who, believing they are in telephone connection with Mara Venier, undergo bizarre choreographies while singing their songs. Samuele and Giulia follow the indications of the voice of Manzini who imitates Ilary Blasi and are involved in particular dance tests; the first performs a choreography with a ball, emulating the gestures of Francesco Totti, and the second romantically dances with a pillow, pretending to be his beloved Sangiovanni.

Finally, Enula and Raffaele believe they are on the phone with Simona Ventura, who, with her unmistakable verve, asks the young singer to perform, following the movements of Freddie Mercury, holding a vacuum cleaner. Enula, on the other hand, is put to the test by what she thinks is Asia Argento, in a "horror" interpretation of the song Come live with me.

At the end of the performances, the boys are summoned to the rehearsal room and there they discover that, behind the voices on the phone, a single face is hidden, that of Francesca Manzini, who, to conclude with a flourish, has fun with an impeccable imitation of the De Filippi.

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