Amici 2021, the best and worst of the week from 8 to 14 March

Amici 2021, week from 8 to 14 March: in view of the evening, the teachers are confronted hard-nosed with the students, causing disagreements and quarrels in the house

Amici 2020, the contestants of the Maria De Filippi show

The evening is approaching and the teachers do not spare the students ruthless judgments that question their talent and their permanence in the school. In the house, the climate is becoming increasingly tense: now that the stakes are high, the confrontations between the children lead to discussions and conflicts, undermining their relationships.


  • Amici 2021, Samuele and Rosa in the evening
  • Amici 2021, the video message from Zerbi
  • Amici 2021, the video message from Pettinelli
  • Amici 2021, the Celentano video message
  • Amici 2021, the singers' rehearsals
  • Amici 2021, Serena in the evening
  • Amici 2021, episode of Saturday 13 March

Amici 2021, Samuele and Rosa in the evening

During the episode of Saturday 6 March, Maria invites the choreographer Giuliano Peparini to the studio to evaluate which dancers deserve the evening. The boys perform, one by one, with a choreography chosen by the expert. The evaluations expressed by Peparini are added to the votes of the other professionals consulted, during the previous week, to draw up a final ranking.

After the performances, De Filippi reveals the names of the first two classified: Samuele appears in first place and, unexpectedly, Rosa in second. The two students can wear the golden sweatshirt that symbolizes direct access to the evening. The situation becomes tense for the excluded dancers, in particular for Serena and Tommaso, who fear they will have to leave school soon. Celentano, teacher of the two boys, told them that if one of them is at the bottom of the ranking, she will not hesitate to send them home.

Amici 2021, the video message from Zerbi

In the episode of March 9, the singers receive a video message from Prof Rudy, who congratulates Enula and Sangiovanni for the definitive conquest of the golden jersey while defining the presence of Gaia in the pole position as "illegal occupation of the evening". The teacher also appeals to the sense of responsibility of her colleagues because she believes that Raffaele and Ibla do not deserve to continue their path.

Zerbi, while not denying Raffaele's undisputed singing talent, disputes his authenticity and ability to excite the public. The same goes for Ibla who, according to her opinion, fails to convey her concepts in the writing of the texts, resulting pretentious and inadequate.

Amici 2021, the video message from Pettinelli

On 9 March, the singers also receive a video message from Anna Pettinelli. The teacher defines her colleague Zerbi "Pontius Pilate" because, in her opinion, he does not assume his responsibilities. According to the record company, Rudy's three pupils – Leonardo, Deddy and Esa – don't deserve to stay on the show. The first is because it is too theatrical when he sings the covers and the other two because they show serious gaps in intonation.

After the message of the coaches, the boys confront each other and express their disappointment: the singers strongly desire to arrive at the evening and, for this reason, they are willing to fight until the end.

Amici 2021, the Celentano video message

On March 10, the teacher Celentano sends a video message to the dancers: the dance coach is convinced that the golden shirt given to Rosa is absolutely undeserved and is willing to prove it. Also, he thinks Martina should drop out of school. After this communication, the teacher summons Rosa, Alessandro, Tommaso, Serena and Martina to the studio. He asks the latter to perform, then turns to the dancers to express their opinion on their partner: does the dancer deserve to go to the evening?

Alessandra thinks that even the youngsters must take on their responsibilities and expose themselves; while Rosa tries to defend Martina and Tommaso remains rather neutral on the issue, Alessandro and Serena clearly say that they consider themselves more versatile and technically prepared than Martina, which is why they deserve the golden sweatshirt more than her.

Martina does not accept the opinion of the teacher and her companions; when he returns to the house he lashes out at Alessandro because he believes that he "played dirty", only to ingratiate himself with prof. Rosa and Tommaso also take Martina's defense and do not approve of Alessandro's behavior, who, in turn, gets angry, claiming his right to express his opinion.

Amici 2021, the singers' rehearsals

After the video message sent to the house, Zerbi summons Sangiovanni, Ibla, Leonardo, Aka7even, Tancredi and Raffaele to the studio. He asks the latter to sing the song Emozioni by Battisti and, after the performance, he confronts the boys. Rudy reiterates, once again, his opinion on Raffaele: for him it is not enough to have a good voice to get to the evening.

The teacher invites Ibla to perform with his latest unpublished No te gusta; Zerbi finds that the song fails to convey the message that the singer intends to communicate to the public. For Rudy, the piece is not an invitation to freedom of expression, as the author herself says, but one among the many Spanish summer songs. The teacher also considers the student arrogant and pedantic because she never questions herself and does not accept her opinions.

Even Pettinelli, after the video message sent, calls Leonardo, Deddy and Esa to the studio, that is, the three students she does not consider deserving to continue. The boys perform, one by one, but the prof's judgment remains unchanged: Deddy has a childish voice and little in tune like that of an altar boy, Leonardo is ancient and artificial in the interpretations of the covers and Esa is out of tune like a bell.

Amici 2021, Serena in the evening

In the episode of March 12, Celentano invites her student Serena to perform in the studio. After the performance, surprisingly, the message "you are in the evening" appears on the monitor: the dancer can wear the golden shirt. Serena thanks the teacher who believed in her, and granted her direct entry to the Saturday night show.

The dancer, in seventh heaven, returns to the house but is welcomed with joy only by Tommaso and Gaia while Rosa and Martina are disappointed at the milestone reached by her colleague.

Amici 2021, episode of Saturday 13 March

The episode of Saturday 13 March opens with the performances of two students, already admitted to the evening, Samuele and Gaia. Maria then subjects the dancer Giulia to an improvisation test to help her overcome her emotionality. The presenter, invites the boys to stand up, to welcome Professor Arisa, returning from Sanremo. The singer involves everyone with her song Could you do more.

Rosa who has already obtained the golden sweatshirt, dances to the notes of You are perfect; De Filippi reports to Lorella that Celentano has defined her pupil's entry to the evening as "abusive". Cuccarini specifies that we can speak of abusiveness only in the case of an offense and this is not the case with Rosa who has conquered pole position, thanks to the evaluation of Giuliano Peparini which has allowed her to soar at the top of the rankings. After Rosa's performance, it's time for Alessandro who will have to prove that he deserves the evening; Lorella declares that she has never questioned the talent of the dancer and gives him the much-coveted golden sweatshirt.

The second guest of the episode is Gaia, a former pupil of Amici, with her Sanremo piece Cuore amaro; the artist greets the boys and wishes them all a big good luck. Giulia's turn arrives and on the notes of Labirynth she will have to convince the teacher Veronica to assign her the golden jersey; Peparini says she is very satisfied with her pupil who deserves, without a doubt, the evening.

The third guest in the studio is another former student of Amici's school; it is Annalisa who with her single Dieci conquers the public and her colleague Arisa who compliments her. Enula, already admitted to the evening, sings her unpublished Da solo (con me) for the first time. Even Aka7even, with his song I miss you, can wear the golden sweatshirt, earning the praise of Pettinelli who considers him a complete artist.

Maria invites the new artistic director of Amici's evening into her studio: Stéphane Jarny, an internationally renowned French choreographer. Deddy has to convince the professors that he deserves the evening; Zerbi completely disagrees with the negative opinions expressed this week by his colleague Anna Pettinelli, and assigns the golden jersey to his pupil.

Tommaso is also admitted to the evening by Prof Celentano, who declares herself very satisfied with the path in the school of her dancer. The last two students to perform in the episode, Tancredi and Martina, convince their teachers and take off towards the Saturday night show. Although the latter had been questioned several times by Professor Alessandra, Lorella believes that her student has made good tests in front of the consulted experts and that, therefore, she can wear her golden sweatshirt.

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