Amici, the son of Gigi D’Alessio among the students. And there is also Todaro

Amici, the son of Gigi D'Alessio among the students.  And there is also Todaro

The first spoilers of the debut episode of the talent of Maria De Filippi that will see Luca D’Alessio among the desks begin to leak on the social networks

Everything is ready for the debut of the new season of Amici di Maria De Filippi, which will exceptionally start on Sunday 19 September, unlike what was previously announced and the usual Saturday appointment.

The episode, however, has already been recorded and as often happens on the net and on social media it is already possible to find some spoilers of what we will see on the air. In particular, some details have emerged on Twitter about what happened and some of the gossip that had raged throughout the summer have been confirmed.

The first important news is that among the students of the school there will be Luca D’Alessio, son of Gigi and known by the stage name of LDA. Luca is a rapper now quite well known in the Neapolitan area and is the third son of the singer born from the first marriage with Carmela Barbato after Claudio and Ilaria (to complete the heirs: Andrea, born from the relationship with Anna Tatangelo and a fifth child arriving with the new Comrade Denise).

Luca D’Alessio has already collaborated with his father, singing with him on the 2020 Buongiorno album. On YouTube it is already possible to listen to some of his songs, such as Resta, Vediamoci Stasera, Di notte and Vivimi. The latter was also sung together by Gigi D’Alessio and his son in a video posted on Instagram.

In short, Luca – or LDA – is the only one in the family to have followed in his father’s footsteps and is willing to make himself known and appreciated by a wider audience.

Other news, which was already circulating this summer, is the arrival of Raimondo Todaro among the dance professors. The former dancer of Dancing with the Stars had already appeared as a guest in some episodes of last season and this summer had announced his farewell to Milly Carlucci’s program. Inevitable therefore the rumors that gave him to the court of Maria De Filippi. Voices corroborated by a post published on Amici’s Instagram profile this summer in which the teacher Celentano hoped for her arrival to be able to give life to a new season of heated exchanges of views on the concept of dance, as happened the past edition with Lorella Cuccarini , which this year will take the place of Arisa among the singing teachers.

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