Among the long dresses for the summer, the Levante one wins. Let’s copy it!

Levante in abito azzurro - grigio 3-8-22

The singer-songwriter Levante (born Claudia Lagona) in addition to her working success – more than deserved after four albums – boasts an enviable serenity in her private life. In the meantime, however, let’s see how to copy one of her latest outfits on her Instagram.

For a few months she has been the mother of Alma Futura, the child she had with her boyfriend Pietro Palumbo, Sicilian like her but far from the world of entertainment (she is a lawyer).

Levante in a light blue suit - gray 3-8-22

Source: Canva.

Levante with this delicate outfit poses for a collaboration with Giorgio Armani’s “My Way Floral”. We like it because it conveys freshness and freedom and each of us wants to be just like that in this period.

How to get inspired by the ethereal look of Levante to stand out in the summer

With today’s proposal of Naf Naf the lines are vertical, white and blue and the mood of the sea – and simplicity – is still evident.

Levante with Armani 3-8-22 perfume

Source: Instagram.

In cotton, with a side bow on the left side, defined shoulder straps and contrasting buttons on the bust, it recalls the ladies of the early twentieth century during their holidays in summer residences. It costs 39.99 euros, already discounted by 50% on Zalando.

More suitable for the evening, the light blue fitted mini dress in soft cotton jersey made by H&M (9.99 euros) requires a nude sandal with a stiletto heel or, alternatively, a “Fornarina style” model that is comfortable, with a rubber wedge and hook and loop closure. It has a small slit in the front on the left side and very thin straps, usual in a petticoat.

Part of the Committed collection (100% cotton) is the sky blue and sleeveless casual dress by Mango, flared and with rounded neck. The midi length, then, makes it suitable for all ages and perfect with a flat slipper (preferably in natural leather). It costs 45.99 euros on the official website.

Summer blue dress 3-8-22

Source: Pinterest.

An equally valid alternative is to choose the long of Le Style de Paris at € 28.99. The ruffles enrich the shoulder and décolleté area giving an important allure, the waist is well defined by the high end at the end of the V; the fabric then falls softly on the hips creating the right movement. High heels are a must and yes also to accessories with light points, without exaggerating.

Like Vittoria Puccini she doesn’t need to show herself excessively to be beautiful, Claudia too has understood that she can do the same. Femininity does not pass from centimeters of uncovered skin but from style and one’s personality.

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