Are you out of shape and don’t know what to wear? The garments to choose according to fashion

Are you out of shape and don't know what to wear?  The garments to choose according to fashion

Summer will officially begin on Tuesday 21 June but in reality – and those who live in the city know it better than others – the sultry heat has already spread for about ten days. While models and friends discover each other with nonchalance, here’s how to dress if we are not in perfect shape.

There’s no need to layered onions or go black all the time.

Outfit when out of shape in the summer.

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That of tying a sweatshirt around the waist is a past habit that is just fine for outings in the mountains but in our daily life, since we are women of a certain level, it is better to focus on other solutions to disguise unwelcome curves. Let’s see how to dress in this very hot moment.

Smart outfits to hide the “defects” of our body with summer just around the corner

A-line skirts, flared dresses, palazzo pants and a specific type of jeans are just some of the most suitable choices when you are out of shape and die of heat.

Long orange dress 21-5-22.

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The first proposal is that of blazer – dress (obviously the fluo colors and white are to be avoided) under which you can put either a basic black leggings or a high-waisted shorts that remain soft on the legs. A high heel slims the figure but if you focus on comfort, a slightly raised casual shoe is also good. Banned both dancers and moccasins.

Regarding the clothes, just as previously recommended for pear-shaped bodies, it goes emphasized the upper part of the body – where we will have accumulated less fat – and left the lower part more covered. The full skirt, in this case, will be our salvation, keeping us cool and calm.

Soft suit blazer 21-5-22.

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For some women, however, even the arms could be a source of embarrassment and it is difficult even to think of covering them without having the fabric stuck on them in a few moments due to sweat. Opt for a T-shirt – top with puff sleeves or for a long-sleeved openwork sweater it can be the ideal passe-partout solution for many outfits.

A decided yes also for the mom jeans. In theory they enlarge the figure but in reality, if you want to hide the horrible rolls that “inexplicably” have appeared on our body, they are ideal. Wearing them with a patterned top (not cut out and not micro) guarantees a high probability of success.

We could therefore combine the style of Brazilian joy with one of the looks proposed today. Union, as often happens in life, is strength.

Silvia Zanchi

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