Are you over 40? These hairstyles take you away at least 10 years

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Cuts play a leading role in the fight against age, but not everyone is capable of truly rejuvenating you. Here are which ones they are really capable of doing.

Exist cuts, folds and various hairstyles capable of rejuvenating even on their own, without the help of scalpels, doctors, clinics.

cuts rejuvenate yourself

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Yes, because if it is true that by changing the frame the picture always remains the same, it is also true that often the frames can become protagonists more than the picture itself, changing the perception of it.

The hair, therefore, can already have it alone an anti-aging effect, removing dozens of years in a very short time and with very little effort most of the time.

Obviously the first rule is always this: start first from the cut that looks good, enhances and enhances your features. Each face corresponds to a different type of hairstyle and we cannot ignore this in our final choice.

The second step is to aim on a color that can both do justice to your style, perfectly match your complexion, skin undertone and eye color and please you.

Always start with these basic assumptions, but then draw on these look tips to understand what the perfect cuts will be that will rejuvenate you.

Cuts capable of rejuvenating you

To understand which hairstyles and cuts can rejuvenate you, know that you will not necessarily have to opt for short or medium hair or long hair. TO you the choice on the centimeters.

cuts rejuvenate yourself

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We have to though consider these three “factions” separately, that we can also consider lifestyles, signs of recognition.

There are indeed celebs who are also recognized for their style in this sense.

A few examples? In the common imagination Halle Berry always has short hair, even when she makes it grow and reach at least to the shoulder. We all remember her with a “micro hair” anyway.

Likewise, when you think of Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, don’t you always picture them with long hair? All of them, in fact, tried to change their hairstyle, but they always went back to opting for the length.

In any case, starting with short hair, which hairstyles can rejuvenate you?

Let’s start immediately by saying that after the door your goal should be to hide wrinkles as much as possible. Ergo, you might think about opting for a fringe or a tuft not being able to focus on the length.

Here because extra short cuts should be completely abolished after the age of 40. Which to choose? The elegant, fine, chic ones. A perfect example could be a pixie cut, refined, soft, delicate.

If your hair allows it, then you could opt for a hedgehog, which gives volume, has a natural botox effect, gives many types of face.

How long it’s about long cuts, instead, if you want something that can rejuvenate you, you could opt for layers, that is an asymmetrical scaling.

In this way your hair will be characterized above all by the movement that you will get in this way and this will certainly take you a few years away.

At this point a question arises: yes bangs or no bangs? We assume that your cut to make you younger should not be marked by too obvious geometries.

That said, the fringe itself manages to hide any lines on the forehead, but to make it not too straight, you could for example prefer a curtain, which perfectly fulfills its task of taking a few years off your face.

Finally, they also exist medium cuts capable of rejuvenating you. An example? The so-called Italian helmet and the bob. Both – not surprisingly of course – are chosen very often by the most iconic celebs.

Other examples can be the Shag or the asymmetrical Wob: both also lend themselves to curly and wavy, so if you want a jaunty cut these are perfect for you.

If you also want to know what the trendy cuts will be in autumn 2022, here is our guide.

In any case, it is clear that hair, in creating a perceived identity, really plays a fundamental role.

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