Arisa, the difficulties with her body: “He grew up all of a sudden”


After a peaceful childhood, Arisa encountered the first difficulties in adolescence: her open-hearted story

Arisa, the new life starts from itself: “I just want to love”

She is good, beautiful, sensual: recently, Arisa decided to tear down a wall that she herself had erected in defense of her deepest sensitivity, the one that led her to be ashamed of her curves, of a body that has such a procacity that it does not never gone unnoticed. And it was her physique that put her in trouble when she was little more than a child. Now the singer breaks the banks and talks about her adolescence, struggling with the prohibitions of her parents and the desire for rebellion.

Arisa, a troubled soul

It is in a long interview with Vanity Fair that the artist has decided to talk about himself in the round, bringing to light his troubled soul. “When I have little to do I fall into depression, I get fat, I cut my hair. I feel the need for emotions, to feel alive ”- he admitted. And that is why it never stops, a real top that untangles itself among a thousand commitments. Just like now, grappling with both the release of her latest album Ero Romantica and the exciting adventure of Dancing with the Stars (which could also bring her a new love).

A need, that of working continuously, which led her to leave her hometown at a very young age and move to Milan, where she could start her new life. But before taking flight, Arisa faced difficult times. A happy childhood turned too soon into an adolescence full of problems, complexes, variables that escaped his control: “My body grew suddenly. The development at nine years: the maybe, the breasts the height ”- revealed the singer.

And her parents, probably to protect her, started to ban the common experiences at her age: “They didn’t let me leave the house. They were terrified, they saw me as something uncontrollable ”. The fears of mum and dad had love as their only foundation: “They were afraid that someone could harm me, that they could take advantage of my predisposition to ‘worth anything’, which by the way I still have. They protected me a lot, but their love took away from me the things that, at that age, it was normal for me to do “.

Arisa, her rebellion

Very young, she already had a spirit of rebellion in her that she could not tame. This is why Arisa soon started putting on her feet: “At 11 I had my first hickey made. My father saw my neck, a shock. The first cigarette instead at nine years old. I immediately wanted to tell him to make him understand that I was not what he thought “- explained the singer -” We fought every day because of me “.

His desire to go beyond borders then led him into music, and gave birth to an artist of incredible talent. It is her voice, the deepest and most precious secret that she holds: “I love her, deeply. I owe you everything. I learned to sing alone, never took lessons “- revealed Arisa -” For a long time it was loneliness that taught me to feel my body and to calibrate everything I need from inside “.

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