Arisa, the revelation about Andrea Di Carlo: "She had a boyfriend before me"

Arisa, the revelation about Andrea Di Carlo: "She had a boyfriend before me"

Arisa talks about the bond with Andrea Di Carlo and reveals that before meeting her she had a boyfriend

Arisa confesses to her love for Andrea Di Carlo and reveals that the manager was tied to a man before meeting her. The two are experiencing an intense love story, marked by farewells and backfires. The last one a few weeks ago when the couple, after canceling the wedding scheduled for September 2, got back together more in love than ever. On Instagram, the manager and the singer swore love, between dedications and important phrases. An uncommon passion that Amici's teacher told in a long interview with Diva and Donna.

Arisa explained that when she met Andrea Di Carlo he had just come out of a love affair with a man. “It didn't scare me,” he confided, stating that he found the free way in which the manager lives his existence fascinating. "When I met him he had just left with a boy – he confided – and I immediately saw him as a champion in the way of living life, in taking what he wants. She had had a boyfriend for a long time, but that didn't scare me. "

"When we talk about sexuality we are all philosophers, all good at saying that love has no sex – added the singer – but when your moment arrives, what do you do? Are you backing out? ”. On this point, the artist has never had any doubts: "The doubts were the same friends for whom I had demonstrated in the streets for LGBT rights – he confided, speaking of Di Carlo -. They told me that Andrea was gay, that he would have made me stupid. But no, he is a very free person and love, when it arrives, you feel it and it takes away all your fears. And if a person loves you, you realize it ”.

To confirm the love found between the two, a shot that immortalizes a kiss, which appeared on the manager's Instagram page. “I don't know what will become of us but at the moment it is us”, reads the caption. While Arisa wrote: “This friend of mine seeks eternal love, he is free. I? My shop is closed ”, confirming that she is still busy with Andrea.

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