Arisa: "Too many punctures on the lips, I thought I would be loved more"

Arisa ready to become a mother: "A son with Lorenzo Zambelli"

Arisa tells the long journey that led her to become a champion of the body positive and to get rid of her fears

Arisa tells herself, once again, without filters and with the sincerity that distinguishes her, revealing the turning point in her life that led her to accept a body against which, for too long, she fought. Successful singer and wonderful woman, she has become a symbol of body positive thanks to her ability to send important messages and to push people to accept their image, loving each other.

The first step was a photo posted on Instagram in which the artist showed himself to the sea, in a bikini and without filters, then came the no make-up shot. A real liberation for Arisa, which came after a long journey in which the artist acquired new awareness and learned to love herself. “I interrupted situations that hurt me – he revealed to Corriere della Sera -. I was looking for a model of perfection that was putting me in trouble. The company tends to make us feel at fault by placing the emphasis on aesthetics. Behind it is the desire to feel accepted ".

Arisa has never hidden that she turned to surgeons to change her physical appearance and that she resorted to some pricks to make her lips more turgid. Choices she regretted. “I spent my time looking in the mirror – he explained -. Seeing myself more beautiful I thought it was the way to fill in the gaps, so I fell for it: I started to make pricks, I let myself be taken. I saw a lot of surgeons telling me: is it really safe? ”.

To mark a turning point was the bikini photo posted on Instagram. “I was at the seaside and I just kept looking at my belly, my thighs…. I was disheartened – he said -. Then I said to myself: stop worrying, I'll take a picture and put it on Instagram. But with all that we women can do, can we always get lost in these worries? Can my days get darker because I don't have the body of a tissue? ".

Today Arisa finally feels herself and is no longer afraid. “I feel like myself when I eat what I like – she confessed -, even though I have extra pounds: I don't come from Norway, but from a family of women who eat and cook. I understood that our body should be the expression of who we are: there is no point in pretending. You like to eat? And eat! I used to think that having more plump lips you will have been loved more. But in that attempt I didn't recognize myself and I was the first to love myself less ".

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