Armpit hair removal: what you need to know to have them soft and fragrant even in summer

Armpit hair removal: what you need to know to have them soft and fragrant even in summer

Too often left for last, the armpits deserve a few more moments of attention especially in summer, when they become the protagonists.

A stroke of the razor and off you go. How many times has it happened to you that, after wearing your favorite tank top or the costume you have been looking for everywhere, you will have noticed that your armpits needed to be shaved? Often and, in the end, the razor saves you the evening, always.

armpit hair removalPerhaps because it is a small area, perhaps because it shows itself but not too much, but the armpits are always little considered, especially when it comes to hair removal. Yet this area is extremely delicate and needs more attention to always be on top and, above all, not to develop hateful and painful folliculitis.

Here are some useful tips dedicated to underarm hair removal: tips and tricks to keep them soft and always fragrant.


  • Why do it (or not)
  • With depilatory cream
  • With the razor
  • With the laser
  • With wax
  • Post epilation: what to do?

Why do it (or not)

Armpit hair removal is a hot topic that has been debated for some time: is it better to do it or not to do it? We do not have the answer because, in the end it depends on the choice of each one and what makes you feel good, but we can suggest some more details.

Underarm hair removal certainly concerns the aesthetic aspect, but not only. Eliminating the hair in this area allows you to stay cooler as well as reducing sweating (especially in the hottest periods), thus also limiting the proliferation of bacteria.

The reasons for not doing so, however, are very limited and refer only and only to the extreme sensitivity and irritability of the area in question. And, for this very reason, it is good to find the correct method to remove underarm hair.

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With depilatory cream

Depilatory cream, which suffocates the hair from where it emerges from the surface of the skin, is a great way to deal with underarm hair removal. The area is delicate, but it can very well withstand the chemical formulation designed for the cream.

Obviously we must keep in mind that, by not extirpating the hair from the root and bulb, the regrowth will be very fast and therefore it will be necessary to repeat the treatment often. But remember that only 10 minutes of laying will be enough: fast and painless.

With the razor

It is the fastest method of all and, as we have already said, also the most used in "emergency" situations. Using a double or triple blade you can quickly remove the hair which, even in this case, will grow back quite quickly and cause a little itching.

Attention, however, this area is also not straight and smooth but rather concave and it is therefore very easy to get injured during the passage of the blade.

With the laser

Together with the groin area, that of the armpits is one of the areas that most often undergo laser hair removal. The reasons are different: both because in this area the hairs tend to be darker and therefore there are more chances of a successful treatment and because the area is smaller and therefore fewer sessions are required.

With wax

Choosing wax, hot or cold, is a great way to shave your armpits. Being a very delicate area, it is good to apply the product carefully and avoid, in the case of hot wax, that it is too high.

Just apply it, cover with a strip or wait for it to solidify if you use a wax without strips, and then tear in the opposite direction to that of hair growth.

Our advice, then, is to apply a good dose of talcum powder before spreading the wax or applying the cold wax strip. The talcum powder, in fact, acts by drying the area and thus allowing the wax to improve its grip on the hair and facilitate its tearing.

Attention, then, to the most sensitive skins that, in the face of the tear, could develop some episodes of folliculitis or swelling of the lymph nodes due to the tear trauma.

Post epilation: what to do?

After epilation of the armpits it is good to pay attention to the reaction that this delicate area could have. You may likely see a few small red spots appear, a precursor to folliculitis. Don't panic: pass an alcohol-free disinfectant and wait for the situation to evolve.

If the situation worsens, you can try a cortisone ointment that will work on the single enlarged follicle (but in this case it is better to ask at least, to your trusted pharmacist.

Another tip, then, concerns deodorants or anti-deodorants. In the first few hours after hair removal, avoid any type of product, especially sprays, which contain alcohol. The armpit area will be extremely irritated and you could cause annoying burning or irritation. Instead, opt for cream deodorants to be applied in cream under the armpits, thus taking advantage of the moisturizing and anti-odor action.

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