Asia Argento attacks Morgan and fights with Karina Cascella for Corona

Asia Argento attacks Morgan and fights with Karina Cascella for Corona

Asia Argento attacks Morgan at Live and fights with Karina Cascella for Fabrizio Corona.

In the last episode of Live – It's not D’Urso, a clash between Karina Cascella and Asia Argento took place, with important statements about Morgan and Fabrizio Corona. The daughter of the king of horror has decided to participate in the One against Tutti together with Alba Parietti. Among the characters in the spheres also the former columnist of Men and Women with whom a heated discussion was born.

The first topic dealt with was the eviction of Morgan who had to leave his home, sold at auction, due to the non-payment of the food to his daughter Anna Lou, born from the relationship with Asia. "He earned hundreds of thousands of euros when he worked at X Factor – Argento said of the former -. I keep two children alone. It's something I'm proud of. It is also a burden. […] Not even a penny came to my daughter. This is the meanest thing in this story. Morgan likes to feel sorry for himself. I struggle to support my children. But it is my honor and glory to do this. You must pay your taxes. If you make debts with the banks, you'll be foreclosed on the house ”.

Shortly after Karina Cascella tried to intervene, but was blocked by Asia: "But who are you? What place do you have in the world? ”He told her, infuriating her. "I am one who did not have a father named Dario Argento – replied the columnist of D'Urso -. You're rude ". The exchange of words continued and Cascella accused Argento of having been helped by her father and of having returned to be talked about thanks to her relationship with Corona.

"Your rebirth was Fabrizio Corona," he said, but Argento promptly replied: "But who are you? Take it easy! This is really angry. But what a relationship we've seen each other twice, and I'm one who has been making films since I was 18 years old. My father never gave me a penny. I really don't know who you are and what place you have in the world. "

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