August favorite products among hair, eye makeup and a lifesaving tip

August favorite products among hair, eye makeup and a lifesaving tip

Manageable, soft and frizz-free hair, fast but intense eye makeup and a tip from grandma for always perfect legs

In summer, fewer products tend to be used, thanks to the heat and the holidays, the limited space in the suitcase and the desire not to think about anything. And so, the hair dries in the air and needs products that make it easy to comb and tidy without creasing, the makeup becomes light and fast, with bright shades and eyelashes in the foreground. There is also a life-saving advice for those who do not have extremely slender legs or for those with very sensitive skin, a real advice from the grandmother. August favorites are versatile and jolly products to always carry with you!

Mulac Cosmetics Frizz Over Hair Shampoo & Hair Mask

The new line of shampoo, mask and hair spray from Mulac Cosmetics won me over immediately. When I try a shampoo I can never figure out how to review it, because they all look the same to me: they wash their hair. Yes, I can notice if it foams more or less than others, if when I rinse them they make friction and a noise like dish soap, but I have never noticed a substantial difference in the use of this or that other shampoo. Until the arrival of Mulac Cosmetics Frizz Over Hair Shampoo.

Source: Mulac Cosmetics

Apart from the intoxicating smell it releases, I immediately noticed a detangling effect, even just using the shampoo. Usually when I wash my hair, having so many, thick and dyed hair, it tends to get tangled and running my fingers inside is practically impossible. In this case, however, after the shampoo it seems to have also applied the conditioner. And if the hair is already soft and easy to comb, by applying the Hair Mask from the same line the results are amplified and the anti-frizz effect is guaranteed. Contains coconut milk and avocado to soften, hydrate, repair and, I assure you, it keeps everything and everything it promises!

Lancôme Grandiôse Extreme Mascara

In a mascara I look for a volumizing, curling and lengthening effect, which gives a look like with false eyelashes but comfortable to use, without glue and the feeling of heavy eye. The Lancôme Grandiôse Extreme mascara has all these characteristics because it triples the volume of the lashes with just two or three coats and colors an intense black. But, above all, it does not acciocchetta and does not stick them together, for a dramatic effect, but not fake. The applicator has a strange curved shape that allows easy application on all lashes, both upper and lower, including the external and internal corners, which are more difficult to reach. It does not print on the eye despite having a fairly oily eyelid and the lashes remain soft and elastic, they do not harden and do not fallout, that is, you do not find yourself with small pieces of product under the eye. I am not joking when I say that more people have asked me about themselves wearing false eyelashes!

Source: Lancôme

Fissan Pasta Cambio and Polvere high protection

If you are not very thin you do not have a body conformation to have the famous gap between the legs so coveted by women, you will know what I am talking about. Summer is beautiful with its dresses and skirts, but do we want to talk about the thighs? They rub each other, sweat, friction and create like micro burns, the area becomes red and filled with dots. The skin starts to ache a lot, and even walking becomes difficult. There are special anti-rubbing gels on the market but they are not cheap and those who have this problem know that it is not a particularly lasting solution, also because they would end up using too much product in too little time.

Source: Fissan

The grandmother's remedy that I propose, however, is cheap and long-lasting, because it doesn't take much. Do you know the white zinc oxide paste and the powder that are used for baby diaper changes? Et voilà, this very combo is ideal for not rubbing the thighs and avoiding any kind of irritation. In fact, just as the skin of children is subject to rubbing irritation, for the same principle we can apply first a veil of paste and then the powder, to pat and dry. The powder will help absorb sweat and the very rich, full-bodied texture of the paste will make this sort of barrier last, so you don't have to worry about your legs and enjoy every skirt and dress.

Nabla Cosmetics Dreamy 2 Palette

In summer and especially on vacation I look for a versatile palette, with which to create different looks but quickly and quickly, possibly without using too many brushes. The first version of Nabla's Dreamy palette has been a favorite of mine since time immemorial, both on myself and for work, especially to make up brides or to create natural, refined and elegant looks. Its version number two, the Dreamy 2, does contain natural tones, but it has a large amount of bright, metallic shades with iridescent reflections and shades, a wet effect on the eye, truly reflective. Just take one of the lighter opaque colors and place them in the crease of the eye and then apply a metallic color all over the eyelid for a quick and effective look, then darkening the outer corner with the most intense brown. But also try to pick up one or more colors with your fingers and blend them on the eyelid, for a very bright but never dull look, to be enriched with mascara and lipstick for a truly 5-minute-proof makeup.

Source: Nabla Cosmetics

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