Aurora Ramazzotti, the outburst on Instagram: "Me, victim of cat calling"

Aurora Ramazzotti, the outburst on Instagram: "Me, victim of cat calling"

Aurora Ramazzotti wanted to share on Instagram her indignation for cat calling, a phenomenon of which she herself is a victim

It's called cat calling, and it's a real harassment: Aurora Ramazzotti wanted to tell her experience on Instagram, bringing to light what is a problem shared by many women all over the world. Her indignation could not go unnoticed, and there are many who have decided to support her publicly, denouncing a behavior that we must fight without hesitation, so that it ceases to exist.

Aurora Ramazzotti has repeatedly addressed burning issues, always a supporter of gender equality and promoter of a strenuous fight against body shaming and violence, of any kind. On this occasion, she wanted to focus her attention on that phenomenon called cat calling, of which she herself has put a simple definition on social media, so as to make the topic of discussion clear to everyone.

“Cat calling is a phenomenon that focuses on bad taste compliments aimed at young women on the street. The phenomenon is growing and affects many girls who no longer feel free to walk on the street and wear what they want ”- reads Aurora's Instagram stories, who thus introduced the question. Michelle Hunziker's daughter has revealed that she has been a victim of this type of verbal harassment numerous times, even in the most unlikely situations.

On social media she has in fact hinted that she once again came across disgusting comments in the past few hours, while she was intent on doing sports. "Guys, do we realize that the cat calling phenomenon still happens frequently in 2021?" – she confessed in a video posted in her Instagram stories, while we see her in jogging outfit shortly after running through the streets of Milan – "I'm the only one who is constantly a victim, although I'm one who usually does do you dress a bit like a tomboy? ".

Aurora explained that she has suffered this phenomenon several times, on very different occasions: "As soon as I put on a skirt or, as in this case, I take off my sports jacket while I am running because it is terribly hot, I have to hear whistles and sexist comments. To me it sucks "- he declared bluntly -" and if you are a person who does it and you are seeing this story, know that you suck ".

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