Back Pain: Lower Back Exercises – Video

Sitting for a long time can trigger a pain that starts in the hips and involves the part more lower back, in the pelvis area. «A situation that tends to greatly benefit from exercises that aim at strengthening the glutes and hamstrings. If done in a certain way, however, ”he is keen to clarify Marcello Chiapponiphysiotherapist and personal trainer of The Other Rehabilitation. Which shows you in the video four useful movements to run for cover.

How to intervene

You can run the program proposed by our expert a alternate days or daily, always paying attention to avoiding sensations of pain or muscle fatigue. These exercises, in fact, aim to strengthen some muscles without overloading them: «So, a little extra caution is always a must, especially during the first few times. But by insisting, they will gradually acquire the type of tone that can help a lot to counteract pain in the pelvis », concludes the expert.

Watch the video!

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