Barbara D’Urso, a guest attacks Venier. She is furious and defends her

Barbara D’Urso, a guest attacks Venier. She is furious and defends her

A guest attacks Mara Venier live on Sunday Live and Barbara D'Urso gets mad

Mara Venier is attacked by a guest on Domenica Live and Barbara D’Urso defends her. The friendship between the two presenters, despite past difficulties, continues to be very strong and the landlady did not hesitate for a moment to recall the man she was interviewing to defend Venier.

The person in question is Javier Rigau, the man who claims to have married Gina Lollobrigida, but with whom she doesn't want to have anything to do. For years the two have been engaged in a legal battle involving also Andrea Piazzolla, personal assistant and friend of the diva.

Last week Gina had been a guest at Mara Venier where she used very harsh words against Rigau from which the presenter had dissociated herself to avoid legal problems. In the Domenica Live study, D’Urso retraced the story also showing videos of the interview made on Domenica In.

The thing did not please Rigau who attacked Mara, making Barbara angry. "She is a great professional and did her job," he said, inviting Javier not to talk about the presenter and calling her a "friend of hers". When the man mentioned Venier again, D’Urso invited him not to mention her as she had behaved in the best way.

A strong and important gesture that shows how the serene between the two women drivers returned after a difficult period. Last year the clash of the listeners between Domenica In and Domenica Live had put Mara and Barbara against each other, causing many misunderstandings especially on Instagram where the presenters had given birth to a heated response.

Now the worst seems to be over and, as both have confessed, the friends have clarified, certain that the struggle for the share cannot cancel a friendship that has lasted for years.

"We two are, we weren't, friends – Venier had confessed some time ago – because a program can't cancel a true friendship. We have been opposite, there has been some controversy, but it has made fun of everyone ". Of the same idea, D’Urso, who claimed to want to conduct a program with her. Now the choice to defend it live seems to confirm that friendship is stronger than ever.

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