Barra and Santamaria are Travolta and Uma Thurman in Achille Lauro's video


Francesca Barra and Claudio Santamaria as John Travolta and Uma Thurmna in the video "Bam Bam Twist" by Achille Lauro, tribute to Tarantino's Pulp Fiction

Achille Lauro's new single, showbiz genius (just think of what he did at Sanremo 2020), is a tribute to all he loves most: the gangster cinema in the Scorsese and Tarantino, the "anti social distancing" dances like defines him, the 60s, and Italian cinema.

It is no coincidence that for the video of the song Bam Bam Twist declaration of love to Tarantino, and Pulp Fiction in the first place, he called one of the most loved actors of our cinema, Claudio Santamaria, to play Vincent Vega, aka John Travolta, and his wife Francesca Barra as Mia Wallace-Uma Thurman.

The famous dance scene on the notes of You can never can tell, by Chuck Berry is re-proposed with the music of Lauro, who sings on stage with microphone and put in perfect 60s style, while Claudio and Francesca go wild on the track, proposing again the famous movements made famous by John and Uma. And then end up shooting each other. Love and death, the harsh gangster law, where touching the boss's woman was prohibited.

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