Because caving helps you overcome fears: all the benefits

Cavers are calmer and manage anxiety better. This is the result of the study conducted by the psychologist and psychotherapist Barbara Corsale in collaboration with the Mario Negri Institute of Milan on 215 speleologists. There cavingwhich combines sport with scientific knowledge of the territory, helps in fact overcome one’s limits, including fears.

Within everyone’s reach

It is not simply a question of exploring caves: «You immerse yourself in a underground world discovering stalactites, stalagmites, pisolites (the marvelous pearls of the cave), and eccentric concretions that bloom with unexpected shapes », comments Moreno Tommasini, instructor of this discipline.

If you are on average in shape, there is no age limit and to learn there are courses of the Italian Speleological Society ( or of the Cai ( You move by walking among boulders and under spectacular vaults, slipping into bottlenecks, but also by rappelling or climbing on the ropes, to face the wells. “You have to wear a specific harness, lower at the waist than the climbing one, closed with a steel ring, at the navel level. Here you attach the lanyard, the tubular webbing with two carabiners essential for belaying and the tools for getting on and off », explains the expert.

So many benefits

In addition to the benefits for the mind, caving strengthens the whole body. «In rope, the commitment to the abdominals, quadriceps, glutes and arm muscles is intense. In addition, control, coordination and endurance skills are trained, especially if you go through development caves of a few kilometers and with a difference in height of over 200 m », concludes Tommasini.

The right outfit

«In the cave you will find in addition to the dark humidity, mud, perhaps some stretches flooded. This is why over the sports suit or the specific one for caving, in fleece, one wears a cordura suit, protective and at the same time breathable ”, explains Moreno Tommasini.

In order not to slip, they are used pedules or rubber boots with the well engraved sole, and to protect yourself gloves in fabric. «The helmetapproved for caving, with a LED lighting system », specifies the expert.