Because drinking water makes you lose weight and is good for your health



Water canor help you lose weight (and not just becauseAnd brings zero calories), to fight gastritis and even osteoporosis. In short, thewater is a passpartout of health. Professor Nicola Sorrentinofamous dietician and nutritionist, director of the IULM Food Academy in Milan, has also dedicated a book to her, Water to eat (ed. Salani), which explores and explains the mostù recent research on the topic of water and health, and offers 30 recipes with indications to speed up metabolism, burn fat and activate the healing processes. We asked him how to choose the right one.

Professor Sorrentino, why?And Lwater should be considered a food?

WhyAnd the is to all effects. Gito for some years now lEfsa (European Food Safety Authority) theplaced at the base of the food pyramid, the first foundation of any dietary regime. WhyAnd brings valuable minerals for the proper functioning of thebody. Some as macroelements (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, sulfur and bicarbonates), others as trace elements present in minimal traces but equally important: iron, copper, zinc, selenium, fluorine, cobalt, iodine, lithium, molybdenum and manganese.

On the market lwater supply today is very wide. How can we choose the “bottle” right?

Lwater should be chosen according to your needs. Do you eat in a disorderly way, smoke a lot and consume little fruit and vegetables? Better to opt for a mineralized one. Do you want to purify yourself, lose weight and lighten your liver and kidneys? Better to choose an oligomineral or even a minimally mineralized one, even if these represent only 9% of the market, they are sold in pharmacies and are not suitable for serving. I therefore recommend drinking them on an empty stomach, between meals.

Sulphate, magnesium and bicarbonate waters. Does it help us to understand who they are suitable for?

Sulphate waters (which contain over 200mg / liter of sulfur) are anti-inflammatory par excellence. Not only are they slightly laxative but they boast aantispastic action onintestine and are therefore suitable for those suffering from irritable colon and food intolerances. The magnesium waters, whose magnesium content is higher than 50mg / liter: counteract constipation, laccumulation of lactic acid, cramps and muscle aches and are a must for sportsmen. The bicarbonate waters (percentage of bicarbonates higher than 600mg / liter) are excellent to sip during large meals: they favor digestion and intestinal transit, sinceAnd they stimulate biliary and pancreatic secretions. And the gallbladder also works better in the presence of bicarbonate. I am therefore thereideal if you are planning a binge with friends.

Qual is the ideal one for the menopausal woman?

All mineral waters defined as calcic, becauseAnd they boast a calcium content higher than 150mg / liter. They are, therefore, a valid ally for women “over 50 “ who need to strengthen their bones and prevent the risk ofosteoporosis, especially if they do not eat milk, yogurt and cheese.

Do you argue that thewater is the cornerstone of any weight loss diet …

Surely. And few know it. Every day I see overweight patients who ask me: “pCan I eat pizza? “how much pasta? How much bread? “, but hardly anyone wonders which and how much water to drink. Women think that is better “low in sodium “ (less than 20mg / liter), as the advertising claims state. But not is costhe: Limportant is drink it. It is useless to choose alow sodium water if you forget to drink.

How much do you need to drink to lose weight?

At least eight glasses (170-180 ml) of water a day, equal to about one and a half liters to drink between meals. But beware: it mustbe fresh, at a temperature of 18 °C-20 °C at most. Two shaved glasses in the morning as soon as you wake up, two before lunch, two before the afternoon snack and two just before dinner.

What is this fresh hydration for?

To kick-start the metabolism and burn moreù quickly i “rolls “. WhyAnd L’organism, trying to raise the temperature of thewater to bring it to the body, activates thermogenesis, that isis the combustion of fats aimed at the production of heat. A little secret to stay on the line and make peace with the scales without too much effort.

If you play sports

Remember to replenish your fluid loss by drinking before, after and duringtraining. Under strain, is useful to drink 20 ml of water every quarter ofNow. But if you run or play tennis in the sun, the water supply needs to increase. Suffice it to say that in the heat you get to lose three liters of sweat in halfintense hour of jogging or playing games (tennis, football, rugby) allopen air.

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