Because we feel the need to appear, more than anything else

Because we feel the need to appear, more than anything else

We post dream photos on social networks, deluding ourselves to show the world our perfect life. But the reality is another

Often the appearance matters more than anything else. To flaunt the life we ​​want, to emphasize the little we have at the highest level. And maybe we think that this is the way to go to feel really happy: to show the whole world that our life is perfect.

Social networks have amplified this aspect to the nth degree. Between selfies, photos that portray us happy and smiling while we spend wonderful days, we eat tasty dishes, we do super cool jobs and wonderful journeys, we put in front of our followers only the side of our life that we want to show. Fears, anxieties, disappointments and negative results remain under the carpet.

Let me be clear, this happened even before the social media influenced our lives in such an important way. These platforms have simply provided an ideal showcase, in which we can show ourselves for what we would like to be. The risk is that all this ends up strongly influencing our personality, leading us towards a tendency to no longer distinguish between fiction and reality.

Everything must appear perfect, bright, sparkling, in an eternal competition with ourselves and our friends and network friends. A race for those who post the best photo that generates only a grueling competition and feeds envy towards others. Why let's face it: if someone seems happier than we are we are envious, and we would like to at least reach that level, if not overcome it.

We look for continuous approval in a like or a positive comment, and there is enough for us to consider our life perfect, when instead we know very well that perfection does not exist.

Living and showing our life for what it truly is definitely helps to improve the relationship with ourselves, facilitates the knowledge of our character and relationships with others. Social media is a useful tool that can improve our lives, but only if we make a healthy and conscious use of it. Without kidding.

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