Belen in the Maldives with Spinalbese: the photos on Instagram are discussing

Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez flew to the Maldives with her partner Antonino Spinalbese. And there was no shortage of (negative) reactions to photos on Instagram

Belen pregnant, the most beautiful photos of the second pregnancy

Belen Rodriguez has granted herself a romantic getaway in the Maldives with her Antonino Spinalbese. The beautiful showgirl did not miss an opportunity to share the joy of the first trip with her partner on Instagram, publishing some shots that immortalize this dream place.

As reported in the hashtags, in fact, this is the Baglioni Maldives Resort which is located on the Dhaalu atoll, on the island of Maagau. A stellar location of which Rodriguez has given a very small glimpse. In the photo you can simply see a cup of cappuccino in the foreground, while in the background you can see the swimming pool on the white sandy beach of the atoll.

The stories had already captured the attention of followers, where the Argentine showgirl showed the moment of departure, hand in hand with Spinalbese. Then a small video that immortalized the flight in an airplane, the suggestive black and white images of the companion immersed in the waters of the pool and, finally, a delicious sushi dinner. Antonino also shared a post on his Instagram profile, with three other shots of the splendid holiday alongside his Belen.

For the couple, this is the first trip since their romantic love story began, crowned by the second pregnancy of the splendid showgirl. Belen is expecting a little girl who, as she herself revealed, will be called Luna Marie and will be welcomed by little Santiago, ready to become a loving older brother. The son born from the marriage with Stefano De Martino, who just a few days ago celebrated his birthday with his mother Belen, chose the name of the little sister who will arrive this summer.

And speaking of the ex-husband, Rodriguez's post has collected a series of comments from some users of the social network who have noticed a rather evident detail. The showgirl had already been to the Baglioni Resort in 2019 together with Stefano De Martino and this rained down on her some pungent criticism. Some have called it a fall in style on the part of the beautiful Belen, who, however, does not seem to care too much about insinuations and digs. After all, criticism is never lacking on social media and she seems to be one of the favorite "victims" in the last period.

While many did not appreciate at all that the showgirl and her partner allowed themselves this romantic getaway right now, five months pregnant and in the midst of Covid 19 restrictions, on the other hand there was no shortage of comments from fans and friends who have expressed all their happiness, like that of the former tissue of Striscia La Notizia Elena Barolo. But Sabrina Ferilli stands out among all of them. With her usual irony, she wrote to the showgirl “Why didn't you bring me too ?!”, giving everyone a smile.

Belen post Instagram

Belen Rodriguez flies to the Maldives with her partner Antonino Spinalbese

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