Belen no longer wears her wedding ring, but the watch. Gift from the ex?

Belen no longer wears her wedding ring, but the watch. Gift from the ex?

Belen Rodriguez, the most beautiful photos of 2014

Belen always surprises us, we have to admit it. With her, even a normal (so to speak) shopping afternoon turns into a sequence of paparazzi shots, news, reflections, Hamlet doubts.

As known, the Argentine showgirl, engaged with Tu si que vales on air every Saturday on Canale 5, prefers for her free time a comfortable but sensual style, in line with her role as a mother, the gym and the commitments dictated by her very dense agenda. This time, however, rather than on wardrobe choices, Rodriguez aroused our attention thanks to a detail, perhaps missed by most.

On the left hand, the bride of Amici's former dancer now launched in the management of a store just inaugurated in Milan, Stefano De Martino, does not wear faith. An anomalous detail that struck us. Very free, you say. True. But there is an additional smallness that attracts us. It is that Rolex that Belen wears on his left wrist.

At the time of her relationship with Fabrizio Corona, who at the time of being in Opera prison to serve the definitive sentence that was imposed on him, the former king of paparazzi had given her a precious watch of considerable value. Is that really it?

Let's go back to the wedding ring: there is no trace on Belen's left hand of the faith that has always worn her, since that September 29, 2013, the day of her wedding with Stefano towards which she has a feeling that is renewed and that reaffirms at every occasion , public and private. An intense bond that the birth of Santiago and the wedding nourished, as she herself has also confirmed in a recent interview. So what happened to that ring?

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