Belen receives a million red roses from Iannone. And De Martino declares himself

Belen receives a million red roses from Iannone. And De Martino declares himself

A million red roses from Iannone, a statement and a poem from Stefano De Martino: who will Belen’s heart go to?

Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone, the love story

Belen Rodriguez shows her ‘million red roses’ on Instagram. Argentina was photographed near a box containing beautiful flowers. Red roses are not really a million, it is clear, but very many: ‘One million roses’ reads on the box.

Apparently, Belen made her choice. Stefano De Martino has said openly that he is still in love with the showgirl. And he also pointed out in direct with the fans on the web that the 32-year-old is legally still a ‘wife’ and not an ‘ex’. He also invited those who take advantage of his profile to speak ill of it, to stop it. So he does not gain his sympathy, but only his dislike. The dancer defends her, she is the mother of her son Santiago. But it is also much more.

Belen Rodriguez, however, does not seem to look back. He went out of his way to return with the 27-year-old from Naples. Then he knew how to turn the switch off, unlike Stefano apparently. He moved his gaze elsewhere and found Andrea Iannone.

“He is a person who gives me everything that nobody has ever been able to give me,” the 32-year-old told Maurizio Costanzo in the Interview. Belen Rodriguez is not only surprised by the million red roses.

According to what writes Oggi, however, after the video by Stefano De Martino, in which he confessed that he was still in love with Belen, the Argentine showgirl would have had second thoughts. Although Rodriguez seems very close to her new boyfriend, Andrea Iannone, feelings that she had hidden in the drawer would have awakened in her.

Also according to the weekly Oggi, the showgirl would have listened to the words of her ex-husband and would have had an unexpected reaction. “De Martino, advised by someone who loves him very much, knew that that video would destabilize the showgirl – reads the magazine -. It seems that the goal has been hit and that despite the videos posted by Valencia, where Iannone ran last Sunday, she was disturbed by Stefano’s statements “.

“Stefano’s declarations, always according to what they tell us, also had another purpose: to make it clear that there are all the conditions for attempting to save the situation before it is too late. – continues Today – Or at least to prevent the divorce from turning into a war from which everyone, no one excluded, would come to pieces “.

The GossipTv website also reveals that there is no real separation agreement between Belen and Stefano, things – in essence – would still be in the air. Then the site reveals: “The dancer seems to have left Rodriguez because he felt diminished. While today, after a year, De Martino has learned to walk with his legs. For this reason, he would be stronger and more mature to start over with Belen ”.

But that is not all. Last night, Stefano De Martino published a real declaration of love on Instagram. Who will these sweet words be for?

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