Belen Rodríguez and Marco Borriello are looking for a house together: Spotted in a real estate agency

Marco Borriello talks about Belen Rodríguez: "We were the perfect couple"

Belen Rodriguez and Marco Borriello were pinched in a real estate agency, where it appears they were looking for a home

The long-distance love story between Marco Borriello and Belen Rodriguez continues. The Argentine showgirl and the footballer were reportedly spotted in Cortina d'Ampezzo in a real estate agency. Apparently the couple would be looking for a house to buy, a love nest in the snow in which to live their relationship in complete privacy.

Thus the spotlights on the most talked couple of this summer turn on again. Marco Borriello and Belen Rodriguez had been intercepted in Ibiza some time ago, photographed while exchanging kisses and effusions. But both had denied the existence of a love story, claiming to be single and happy. Shortly afterwards, in fact, he left for Cagliari, where he plays in the city team, while she remained in Ibiza with the family and was joined first by Stefano De Martino, who spent some time with Santiago, then Andrea Iannone, MotoGp champion indicated by many as his new boyfriend.

The arrival of the two men had momentarily dozed off the gossip, which has now started stronger than ever. In fact, it seems that Marco Borriello and Belen Rodriguez have never stopped keeping in touch and that the feeling between them is strong, so much so as to decide to buy a house together with Cortina D’Ampezzo. "Belen was my first love" Marco Borriello had said some time ago, talking about his love affair with the Argentine showgirl.

When the photos of his meeting in Ibiza with Belen Rodriguez had emerged, however, Marco Borriello was angry, talking about gossip "I am a free man" he wrote getting very angry "and I have no official romantic relationship with any person. I am therefore free to see who I want, when I want, without having to give an account to anyone !!! “. Shortly thereafter Belen also claimed to be single. However, this latest revelation seems to deny both.

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