Belen Rodriguez forgets Stefano De Martino: he kisses Antonio and shows Iannone's ring

Belen Rodriguez

On Instagram, Belen Rodriguez provokes Stefano De Martino, showing Iannone's ring after kissing Antonio

Belen Rodriguez forgets Stefano De Martino: he kisses Antonio and shows Iannone's ring. The Argentine showgirl is more determined than ever to erase the memory of her ex-husband. The host of Made In Sud landed in Ibiza, it seems, with the intention of regaining it, but the undertaking proved to be more difficult than expected. In fact, Belen has no intention of forgiving him after yet another goodbye, which arrived a year after a flashback that had been strongly desired by Stefano.

After the short flirtation with Gianmaria Antinolfi, Belen found a smile again thanks to Antonio Spinalbese, 25-year-old hairstylist, friend of Patrizia Griffini. To confirm the love story a passionate kiss that the two exchanged during an evening. But that's not all, because Rodriguez would be willing to completely erase the memory of her ex-husband. To do this, he posted a very significant photo on Instagram dedicated to the ex Andrea Iannone. Indeed, it was the MotoGP rider who gave a new serenity to the showgirl after the first painful farewell to her husband. Their love story lasted a few years, it was very important and for a period there was also talk of marriage and children.

The relationship ended with De Martino's return to the scene and Belen's awareness of never having forgotten him. In the shot posted on Instagram, Rodriguez showcases the most precious gift she received from Iannone and which at the time caused much discussion because it was similar to the engagement ring received by Stefano some time before. It is a jewel with a flower shape and glitter, with a ruby ​​set in the center. "American Persian", commented the showgirl, framing the hand with the ring well. To reiterate the concept in the Instagram Stories, a photo of 2017 has also appeared in which she shows off the precious gift.

According to many, after the kiss to Antonio Spinalbese, it would be yet another provocation against De Martino. In fact, Stefano has never digested his wife's love story with Andrea Iannone, which quickly became very important. Followers are convinced that behind Belen's posts lies the desire to hurt her ex-husband, but also the proof that she has not yet forgotten him.

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