Belen Rodriguez, Stefano De Martino's confessions to friends on the crisis

Belen Rodriguez, le confessioni di Stefano De Martino agli amici sulla crisi

Friends reveal the confessions made by Stefano De Martino on the crisis with Belen Rodriguez

After weeks of indiscretions and assumptions, Stefano De Martino's alleged confessions to friends about the crisis with Belen Rodriguez appear. It is now official: the couple is experiencing a difficult time and it is not yet clear whether it will overcome it or not. To admit it was the Argentine showgirl in an Instagram video in which she appeared particularly tried, but also the former dancer of Amici, who more than once revealed that she did not want to talk about her private life.

Stefano has chosen not to publicly discuss the crisis with Belen, but has confided in private with some friends. Sources questioned by the weekly Chi, very close to the Made In Sud host, explained that it would be De Martino who left Rodriguez after a crisis that started in quarantine in which character problems emerged. "What happened to us happened to many others – he would have said – I know many stories of people who have taken and left several times, but right now the priority is Santiago and I am sure that we are both doing everything to make him stay well".

In recent days there had been talk of betrayals and a key role of the Rodriguez family, too present in Belen's life. In reality, the situation would be very different, as a friend of the former dancer confessed. "Stefano never said 'it was a 4' referring to in-laws and in-laws – reads -. He acknowledges Belén that he is a present and caring mother and a woman with an extra gear, even if the chill of incommunicability has fallen between the conductor and the showgirl. "

So Stefano and Belen would have split up, but they would have decided to put Santiago in the center. A crisis that comes not only after an unexpected flashback, just wanted by De Martino, but especially after the couple had announced the desire to have another child. The hope of the fans is that, after a long distance, the model and the conductor will be able to clarify and return more united than ever. In the meantime, he continues to remain silent, while she is surrounded by the affection of her family and Mattia Ferrari, her great friend. Faith? For now it has disappeared.

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