Belen Rodriguez will never return with Stefano De Martino. The outburst on Instagram

Belen Rodriguez will never return with Stefano De Martino. The outburst on Instagram

The Argentine showgirl has clarified once and for all: her feelings for the dancer are no longer the same

Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone, the love story

Belen Rodriguez is going through a stormy period in terms of love. As much as his story with Andrea Iannone is booming, the ghost of his ex Stefano De Martino looms continuously. And not just because he said he was still in love with her.

Recently the showgirl had canceled Amici's dancer from her social profiles, but then had published an ambiguous phrase, almost a regret for her past life. Thus the hope had rekindled in those who wish Belen to return with Stefano.

Faced with yet another discussion among fans, Rodriguez wanted to clarify almost by letting off steam on Instagram. As reported by Novella 2000, Argentina has been quite clear:

I love pure things. When things are no longer pure, I no longer have the same feelings as before. I don't want to live a contaminated life and do things only because others tell me to do them. I want to feel loved even when I fall. Love is not only in front of beautiful things but also in difficult moments.

In short, she and De Martino will never be able to get back together. Not only because she is engaged to Iannone, but above all because she no longer experiences the same feelings as before. Evidently she no longer felt loved and this made her suffer.

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