Belen, sweet mother on Instagram: "I close my eyes and imagine your face"

Belen, sweet mother on Instagram: "I close my eyes and imagine your face"

On Instagram the beautiful Belen Rodriguez shared a black and white shot dedicated to her little Luna Marì, who will be born this summer

Belen Rodriguez could not be happier and in love: the showgirl continues to share all the emotions of a pregnant mother with her fans. And like in a travel diary, the beautiful Argentine cannot hide the happiness of the magical moment she is experiencing on social media.

The showgirl, who left for the Maldives with her partner Antonino Spinalbese for a romantic getaway, posted on Instagram a black and white shot dedicated to little Luna Marì, who will be born this summer.

Rodriguez, sitting on the sand next to a palm tree and immortalized in a bikini with her hands caressing her belly in plain sight, left a very sweet message for her daughter: "I close my eyes and imagine your face, my imagination goes wild and I love you more…". Within a few hours, the showgirl's post collected thousands of likes and comments: "She will be as beautiful as her wonderful parents," wrote one user.

Although she went to the Maldives for a photo shoot for her costume line, the showgirl is taking advantage of these relaxing days to enjoy the last moments as a "boyfriend" with Spinalbese. In fact, for the couple this is the first trip since their romantic love story began, crowned by the sweet expectation of little Luna Marì. Both of them look forward to her, as does Santiago, who is looking forward to being a fantastic big brother.

Now in the seventh month of pregnancy, Belen is experiencing every single emotion linked to her second experience of motherhood, trying to savor every moment before hugging her baby girl, the fruit of love with that man, Antonino, who was able to give her again the smile after the disappointments of the previous relationship with Stefano De Martino.

The end of their marriage was very painful for Rodriguez, who just on Instagram, replying to a fan, wrote: “Nobody can erase the past and I don't even want to do it, but yes forward. The past is already past, you have to live the present and imagine your future ”. And after all, Argentina is projected towards the near future: Belen can't wait to live this new adventure with his Antonino.

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