Belen, the exciting images of Luna Marì's ultrasound and Antonino's amazement

Belen, the exciting images of Luna Marì's ultrasound and Antonino's amazement

Belen Rodriguez has decided to publish the ultrasound of her little Luna Marì, a moment of great emotion for her and Antonino

In her womb, a new life is taking shape: Belen Rodriguez wanted to share her joy on Instagram, sharing a video showing Luna Marì's latest ultrasound. Excited, the showgirl was able to see her little girl again and discovered that the pregnancy is proceeding wonderfully.

In an increasingly social world, Belen has chosen to make public every moment of this second sweet expectation. After letting the first three months pass in silence, she announced that she was pregnant and began to show her increasingly outlined tummy, her now soft curves for the little creature that is growing inside her. Luna Marì, this is the name that the two future parents have chosen for their baby girl, is already a star on social media and has conquered all the fans of the Argentine showgirl.

Belen recently shared a short video among her Instagram stories, giving followers the opportunity to see some images of the last ultrasound she underwent, to check that everything was going the right way. And apparently everything is going well: in the background you can hear the doctor explain to Rodriguez what appears on the monitor, highlighting the size of the child, who has already reached the remarkable weight of 925 grams.

Listening to these words, Antonino Spinalbese could not hold back his amazement. The future dad made his entrance into the hospital room only at a later time, so as not to miss the exciting images of his little Luna Marì, and was struck by what he saw: imagining what lies in the womb of his companion is one thing, being able to admire it with your own eyes is something totally different, a real thrill of pure emotion.

Antonino and Belen were thus able to see their little girl again. Since the showgirl has now reached the 27th week of pregnancy, the baby she carries in her womb is already fully formed. And just before the ultrasound was finished, he gave mom and dad what looked like a beautiful smile, giving them unexpected joy. In a few months, the two lovers will finally be able to hold the newborn girl close to them, and apparently Santiago is also waiting for his little sister with great enthusiasm. The family grows, and happiness is skyrocketing.

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